Potentially Stupid Question.

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    Default Potentially Stupid Question.

    So, as I'm sure most of you all know, the internation version of Gunz the Duel is closing as of May 15th.
    It's the only version I've played, and the last time I played was around two years ago.

    My question is:
    Will this version of Gunz the Duel still be up and running? http://gunz.ijji.com/

    I plan to download and install it fairly soon, if it will remain functioning.
    Also, what are any differences between the versions?

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    Late replay :P

    Basically International had more updates. Dunno why they would close it though. However IJJI is about like...3-4 months behind in updates than the international.

    Game play between the two are similar but content wise (maps and gamemodes) are slightly further in International.
    I also think that IJJI has a better hack controlled environment.
    There also less people in IJJI, though may change due to the closing of International.

    Overall, you won't be missing much. Unless you paid for some stuff in International.

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