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Thread: Roleplaying Forum Rules & FAQs *must read, no excuses*

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    Exclamation Roleplaying Forum Rules & FAQs *must read, no excuses*

    The purpose of these rules is to create an easier environment for the moderators to manage the topics and prevent general rulebreaking and punish general rulebreakers (see here for the main site rules), as well as an environment more conducive to fun roleplaying.

    General terms:
    RPing is short for Roleplaying
    Hosting is where you create the RP and lead it
    A player is someone who did not create the RP and does not lead it, but is still part of it
    RPer is catchall term for anyone who RPs.
    OP is the first post of the topic
    OOC means Out of Character
    IC means In Character

    Please observe these rules:


    1. You are allowed to host one RP every two weeks
    Why?: This is to prevent hosts from just creating a bunch of RPs that they never follow through with, and to hopefully encourage them to place more thought into their RPs. We have observed that after implementing this rule, the general quality of the RPing forum increased.

    2. Please clearly state the setting, important setting details, general plot idea, and character sheet in the opening post
    Why?: This is so players who join the RP can at least have an idea what type of RP that they are joining, as well as letting moderators monitor whether the RP is spammish or offensive in nature.

    3. All roleplaying MUST commence within a single thread, including all OOC discussion
    Why?: This is to prevent the main page of the RPing forum to be polluted with unnecessary topics. If you wish to discuss the RP while OOC, you must do it within the topic itself. You may also PM each other or create a user group for this purpose.

    GENERAL RULES: (most of these are common sense)

    4. All posts must have something to do with the RP
    Why?: So the RP thread is not polluted with useless posts that clutter the thread, making reading and comprehension of the RP as a whole more difficult. If you want to discuss something not related to the RP, you can use PMs, or create a topic in another forum to discuss it.

    5. You must post a character sheet before joining in on the RP
    Why?: This is to prevent members from disrupting the RP, and makes it easier for the moderators to identify which member has officially joined the RP and which one is trying to hijack it.

    6. No hijacking an RP - the Host is the one who controls the plot, and no one else may control the plot unless explicitly stated by the host

    7. No sexual content whatsoever
    Why?: This is not a cyber-sex board.


    Q. Help, help! Someone has broken a rule in an RP! What should I do?

    A. Report them. Use the report button function, which can usually be found on the bottom left of their post, left of the quote and quick reply buttons.

    Q. I reported them, but why has nothing happened?

    A. The moderators are being lazy. Stupid moderators! I recommend PMing a moderator. Xenonight2 or shadowsworn will give you the swiftest response in the RPing forum.


    A. Either PM Xenonight2 or shadowsworn, or ask in the Official OnRPG Roleplayer's Guild. Also, technically, that is not a question. But who am I kidding, I'm the one writing these!

    Q. What in the world is with those RPs that are stickied and have "Hot Topic" in their title?

    A. We've decided to reinstate the Hot Topics policy. This means that topics the Staff would like to keep active will be stickied until they end or die.
    Criteria for a hot topic - More than fifty posts, currently active or was active and is currently dwindling in activity, and people seem to be having fun in the RP. The better the quality of the RP them the more likely it is going to be stickied.
    Keep in mind that only 2-3 Hot Topics will be stickied at a time, and still active Hot Topics will be unstickied to make room for higher quality RPs that meet the criteria. Also, not all topics that make the criteria will be stickied. Ultimately, the decision is up to the Staff.

    If you think there's an RP occurring that you think should be made a Hot Topic then shoot me a PM with a link!

    Q. What about "Private RPs"?

    A. A "Private RP" is one where only people with the explicit permission of the host can partake and post a character sheet. All other rules apply. Another rule goes for Hosts, though: You MUST put a big "Invitiation Only!" at the beginning of the OP, or else we mods won't know whether someone is butting in on your RP or legitimately joining like it was just another normal open RP. However, this also means that if you try joining an RP where you have not been invited, you can receive a warning or even an infraction for spamming the RP.


    If you're wondering what the heck Roleplaying is after reading this then I have a nice guide for you:
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