Newbie F.A.Q - Updated 3/29/11

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    Default Newbie F.A.Q - Updated 3/29/11

    OnRPG Newbie F.A.Q

    Welcome to the forums!
    This guide has been built over the years to help new users, like yourselves, grow comfortable in the world of online forums.
    The information in this guide can easily be applied to all forums, not just this one.

    Table of Contents

    -I. Rules
    -II. F.A.Q.
    -III. Site Staff
    -IV. Adding Avatars and Signatures, Various Tags
    -V. Code of Conduct

    -I. Rules

    Like all forums, OnRPG has a set of rules that are enforced and abided by when posting.
    As a member of these forums, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these rules and follow them in all situations.

    Quote Originally Posted by OnRPG Forum Rules.
    To All whom pass through the OnRPG Forum:

    Rule No. 1 - Flaming
    • You will not harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member. Whether through posting, user names, or signatures. This may apply even if you are joking with friends. The staff cannot always know who you are friends with on OnRPG.
    • Using derogatory terms will not be tolerated. We want to create a fun and peaceful environment for everyone.
    Rule No. 2 - Spamming
    • You will not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. You will not mass-PM or mass-email multiple members of this site the same message.
    • Your topic title must not be misleading and must pertain to the subject in your thread. This also includes topics that are just complete non-sense. These topics will be deleted, or the entire thread will be locked.
    • You may not post for the sake of increasing your post count.
    Rule No 3. - No Offensive Posts, Links or Images
    • This rule includes no discussion of the following:
      1. Pornography (Pornography, in the case that we mention it, includes all textual and visual erotic material. Artistic nudity is not allowed.
      2. Free Servers For P2P or F2P Games
      3. Roms
      4. Game Hacking
      5. Anime Downloading
      6. Illegal file downloading of any sort
      7. KSSN's or any Social Security-type numbers.
    • You are also not allowed to post the personal information of any other member of this forum. Doing so will result in a ban. This also includes their IP address.
    Rule No. 4 – Promotion
    • You will not post URL's or any messages that solicit members, companies or self anywhere on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, forums, email address, business, activity, or other entities that are intended for profit through Self-Promotion of which includes but not limited to affiliate codes. (i.e. no self-promotions). This also includes pyramid schemes, gMail, etc.
    Rule No. 5 - Language Restrictions
    • Please make all posts in English. This makes moderation easier and also keeps the forums more sociable. Keep any other language to PMs. Repeat offenders will get a warning and may be banned.
    Rule No. 6 – User Name Restrictions
    • Do not register names with excessive special characters, especially '\' and '/', or any names which may be misleading. Examples of this include registering a name containing 'admin' or 'administrator'. You must not register names which may be confused with a member of the OnRPG Forum’s staff. This will result in the account being renamed or deleted without notice.
    • You may not register names for the promotion or advertising of any website, forums, email address, business, activity, or other entities.
    • You may not create a user name that belittles any member of this forum.
    Rule No. 7 - Signature & Avatar Restrictions
    • All signatures should not exceed the following limits:
      1. Any amount of images totaling no bigger than 500px in height. No huge flashing images!
      2. A link and promotional text for a site that is not commercial (ie. affiliate links) and does not contain product(s) and/or service(s) is allowed, provided the site is not sexual or does not violate OnRPG community standards. (Examples include sites about drugs and/or sex.).
      3. Duplicate links to the same URL in a signature are not allowed.
    • You will not display avatars that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest.
    • Other restrictions consist of:
      1. Sexually suggestive images. This includes images that have been doctored up in a comical sense.
      2. Vulgar in nature towards belligerence.
    Rule No. 8 – Respect the staff
    • If you have an issue with the staff, do not hesitate to bring it up in the Suggestions & Feedback forum. However, if you are disrespectful to the staff and insult them, you will receive a warning or infraction the same way you would if you were to insult a normal member.
    Rule No. 9 – Trading
    • You may not post trades of game accounts, in-game items for real money, and/or trading an item in one game for an item in another game. You may post normal trades that stay with-in a game with stuff already in that game.
    Rule No. 10 - Reputation System
    • Reputation must be fairly given. Any misuse of the reputation system to unfairly punish or reward a member will result in a removal of the reputation points and an infraction.
      Be aware that if you abuse the system the staff at OnRPG has a right to remove your right to give reputation to other users of this forum.

    -II. F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What happens if I break a rule?
    The administrators and moderators of the Onrpg Forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post. We also have the right to suspend or ban any member for any breach of the rules or for any other reason with or without warning or notice.

    What is an infraction, and how many can I get?
    An infraction is a mark on your record, and you are given one when you have broken the rules. Infractions vary in both descriptions and allotted points. After your 3rd active infraction you will be banned for a week. On return if you earn your 4th active infraction you will be permanently banned. If you also gain a maximum amount of 10 infractions, active or not, you will be permanently banned as well.

    What is a warning, and how many can I get?
    Warnings are simply a notice that you have come close to breaking, or have broken, the rules. This serves as a chance to not pull the same mistake again and does not count towards the infractions listed above. It's advised that you consider what has been written in the warning and try to better yourself.

    What if I see a message posted that breaks a rule?
    Please report these posts or threads to the administrators or moderators of the forum by clicking the report icon in the posts postbit, and the post or thread will be reviewed and action taken as soon as possible. Posting in a thread that broke the rules, and mainly posting about the breaking of a rules, may in fact result in warning. So just report it and leave it.

    What is my responsibility as a member?
    Please keep these 15 rules in mind when you post. The administrators and moderators of the Onrpg Forum have the right to change these rules at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of every member to remain updated with the current rules.

    Why have rules in the first place?
    The rules are there for the protection of the community as a whole and to prevent abuse, conflict and disharmony within the forums.

    No free servers? Wtf is wrong with you? No ROMs?
    None of them. Simple as that.

    What is flaming?
    Excessive insulting a member. You are allowed to have your own opinion, but please be calm about it.

    What is spamming?
    Spam is a pointless, off topic, nonsense post. As the rule states, it just wastes bandwidth and annoys the hell out of everyone.

    What is a KSSN?
    KSSN stands for Korean Social Security Number. It is needed to play certain Korean games. It's also needed for other countries, with the first letter changed (Eg, United States is: USSSN). Obtaining this is basically identity theft.

    How do I become a moderator?
    There are enough right now but it's not out of the question. Basically, be an active member, follow the rules, and contribute as much as you can.

    I want a good free mmorpg that has everything I want, but I can't find one?
    That is because the only good mmorpgs that has everything you want are Pay to Play, p2p, if you are going to play a free mmorpg you must know it won't have everything you want.
    So you have to lower your standards and just be happy you have free mmorpgs avaliable to you.

    -III. Staff List

    OnRPG Staff can be recognized on the forums by their colored usernames.
    Anyone without such a username is not a staff member, and should not be regarded as such.

    Site administrators have orange names. They work to maintain the main OnRPG website as well as the forums, and they handle many of the main issues surrounding them, such as maintenance, traffic, and relations with other companies/websites.

    Forum moderators have green names. They manage the forums by controlling spam, merging, closing, or deleting threads as necessary, and by making sure all discussions are civil and friendly.

    Journalists have yellow names. They work with site managers to add content to the main site. They write articles, reviews, and updates for both released and upcoming games.

    Current full list of all registered OnRPG Staff:

    -IV. Adding Avatars and Signatures, Various Tags

    IV. Adding Avatars, Signatures, etc.


    An avatar is a small image displayed under your name when you post. To get one, you must first have the URL to the avatar.
    Currently we don't have support for off-site avatars, but we are working hard on getting that and it will be announced the moment we get it.

    To upload an Avatar, click on "User CP". On that page, go down the list of sections until you come across "Edit Avatar". You will then see the forms to either upload from your hard drive, or upload via a server.

    Note that avatars are restricted to 120x120px in size, and 13.7kb in filesize.


    Signatures are little snips of text and an image or two that will display at the bottom of each and every post of yours. First, to edit your signatures go into "User CP" and then click "Edit Signature". You now may add text and images.
    To add an image, first upload it. There are many options when it comes to uploading images. The two most common image hosts are and

    To make the image show up you need to use BBC. If you are using the Basic and Standard text Editor, you can type in the code yourself. Simply put [img]urlhere[/img] in the text box.
    If you use the Standard or Enhanced text Editor you can simply click the picture of mountians in the text edit menu. Instert the URL of the image, and you're done.

    The maximum signature size is 500 X 500 pixels. If you happen to go over that limit and don't have a advanced image editing software, here is a simple walkthrough on how to resize using MSPaint.
    Save the image to hard drive, and open it with MS Paint.

    You then use the select tool(a rectangle made from dotted lines) and select the whole image by clicking on one corner of the image, and holding down the button while you drag it to the oppisite corner, and then let go of the button.

    Now that you have selected the image, There should be a small square at each corner and the mid section of the selection line. Put your mouse over one of those squares, and you should beable to resize it. You can see the current size on the right of that bottom status bar.

    >>Now, if you want it too be on the same ratio as the original, you might
    >>want to calculate that out if you know how to. If you can't calculate, I >>am sorry, but I can not help you with that.

    And after you have resize the image, you will still have a white area. To get rid of that, just click off of the image and white area, and there should now be little squares around the white area. You then re-size that the same way as you did with image.
    Other tags:
    Along with [img][/img], there are various other tags which can be included in posts to perform various tasks.

    [FONT=""][/FONT] - Changes the font of a post. Must include font name in quotes.
    [SIZE=""][/SIZE] - Changes the size of the text in a post. Must include number in quotes.
    [COLOR=""][/COLOR] - Changes the color of the text in a post. Must include color name in quotes.
    [b][/b*] - Bolds inserted text.
    [i][/i*] - Italicizes inserted text.
    [u][/u*] - Underlines inserted text.
    [LEFT][/LEFT*] - Aligns inserted text to the left.
    [CENTER][/CENTER*] - Aligns inserted text to the center.
    [RIGHT][/RIGHT*] - Aligns inserted text to the right.

    [LIST=1][/LIST*] - Organizes text into an ordered list.

    [LIST][/LIST*] - Organizes text in an unordered list.
    [url][/url*] - Provides direct link to a posted website.
    [QUOTE][/QUOTE*] - Places selected text in a quote box.
    [CODE][/CODE*] - Disables tags for inserted text, for the purpose of demonstration.
    [HTML][/HTML*] - Provides a direct link to a post website.
    [PHP][/PHP*] - Disables/enables PHP code for inserted text.
    [GVIDEO][/GVIDEO*] - Embeds a google video directly into a post.
    [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE*] - Embeds a youtube video directly into a post.

    * - Remove the asterisk from selected tags for proper function.

    -V. Code of Conduct

    Like any forum, this one has it's own unwritten rules. You don't need to follow them, but it would probably be a good idea to spend some time "lurking" or looking over a few posts here before posting yourself. This is so you know what is accepted and what's not. This is for your own good.

    Most members have their own opinion on things, but I can name a few points of attention that no one, here or anywhere else, likes.

    1, AIM/1337/Chat speak - takin liyk u r usin a mssgr servis
    2, Ghetto speak - Talking like you are "ghetto" or "from the hood."
    3, Making topics directed towards a single member - Their is a PM function

    Otherwise, just play it safe for your first few posts, and apologize when you insult a member or accidentally break a rule. Don't worry if you have a topic locked or moved in your early days... we're not saying "OMG! YOU BROKE A RULE! SO EFFING BANNED!" we are simply saying: please don't do it again.


    Thanks to Noah, for originally writing this guide. His work made the job that much easier.
    Thanks to FabianN, for transferring the guide to these boards.
    Thanks to Cloud13, for help on various subjects in relation to this guide.
    Thanks to the various staff members who have updated this guide over the years.

    Additional Topics

    As of 3/29/11

    There is currently a problem with embedding youtube videos in posts. We're very aware of it, and it should hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime, however, there is a temporary fix.

    When creating a post, scroll down below the message box and look under "Miscellaneous Options." There should be an option called "Automatically parse links in text" with a checked box next to it.

    Uncheck this box, and the youtube video will work just fine.

    Hope this helps!
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    to all noobs: if you post in the general section be very careful what you post or you will mostly likly end up being spammed or flamed to death especialy in the lounge.
    First started RPing in October 2009, back then I was one of the worst you'd see grammar-wise. Now in less than a year, I've progressed to be one of the best RPers here. I'm not the most original guy around, but if I get in the mood, I can create posts the God of Literature would be proud of. Along the way I've insulted I've pretended to be female I've become a super perverted guy and I've gained the ability to curse without limit. If I say motherF-er it is simply exclamation.

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    Can some one show me around.. Add me.. Need help. APB all day!!!

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    what games dont u have to download on this site?

    what games dont you have to download on this site?
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    I feel that the FAQ should have:

    Why are so many people so whiny and/or mean.
    Always remember, this community if full of angst filled teenagers. So when someone is a douche, don't let it get to you.

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