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Thread: what's it like?

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    Post what's it like?

    I'm thinking of getting guild wars can anyone explain what it's like?
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    Its more like a co-op online game. its not mmo at all really. It feels like an mmo when you you are in towns though, but the towns are more like lobbies that you can hang out in.

    Its pretty fun to play if you don't go in expecting to play another mmo. Once you hit level 20, its all about finding the right combination skills to use, and the right combination of attributes (you can change them anytime inside towns). You can also gain more attribute points past level 20 via certain quests.

    lvl 1-20 should be thought of as the learning process of your character. And after lvl 20 you keep playing and eventually become good at it, since the game is based on player skill rather than how long you play.

    I've been playing since it came out and since theres no monthly fee, i usually come back to it once in a while. Its really fun if you are in a decent and active guild, which can be hard to find sometimes.
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