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Thread: Account question.

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    Default Account question.

    So, I bought FFXI for the 360 like 1,5 years ago and I froze my account a long time ago too. Now this maybe a stupid question, but can I just reactivate my account and play this on the PC? xD

    Or do I need to re-buy the game for the PC and create a new account with new registration codes etc.?

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    Should just be able to reactivate.
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    You got a 50/50 chance of being able to reactivate your old account. SE has always said they will hold the account for 3 months without payment then delete it. Now i know first hand this isnt completly true. I had a deactivated account that i let sit for over a year and it was still there when i tried to reactivate it.

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    It's true they do say they'll delete it after three months, but I and a few other people I know have had their accounts inactive for close to a year without losing their account. So you should be fine.

    As for the PC question... I don't think there would be any need to buy the PC version, your account is not attached to any one console, so logging on your same account with a PC should be no problem.

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