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Thread: Any American guilds loonking for new members?

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    Default Any American guilds loonking for new members?

    I live on the East Coast of the United States and I normally play either in the evening or late night. Also I have all 3 games, got Guild Wars Trilogy back in March. I have a Ranger/Warrior in Prophecies, an Assassin in Factions, and a Paragon in Nightfall. Mainly playing Prophecies right now, so I can get Eye of the North before Guild Wars 2 comes out. I've heard that Eye of the North continues the story from Prophecies. I'm more into PVE co-op, but I don't mind PVPing sometimes. My Ranger/Warrior's name is Dosier Vao, if you want to contact me in game.

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    In our Finest Hour is a guild that im currently running we are always looking for new memebers, currently we are small but all live in the US and play anywhere from morning till night sometimes even overnight.

    contact me in game, ill try to reach you as well.

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