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Thread: Need to know a few things about FF11

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    Default Need to know a few things about FF11

    So i played the trial on the pc a year ago and i found the controls very bad. I have a xbox360 now and after checking the sites i found out that there is a FF11 for the 360 aswell.

    I am done with WoW and trying to play another game but i cant find a trial for the 360 version so i have come here to ask some questions before i buy the game.

    How are the controls on the xbox 360 and could you explain how it works because on the pc version it was a pain to walk ?

    I am from the netherlands so which server should i play ?

    I want to become a white mage then become a summoner is this possible ?

    I dont own a creditcard and i dont pay with paypal is there another way for me to pay this game ?

    I hope you answer fast so i can buy this game before saturday.

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    To answer your questions.

    -Cant answer the 1st question since i played on pc for the 5 years i played.

    -Any server is good just look for linkshells that do event around your timezone. Euopean LS would probally be best for you.

    -Yes, you can start and a WHM and then unlock SMN at 30.

    -You must have a credit card to pay for this game.

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