I have been submitting tickets with AVI videos attached to Warrock displaying what hackers do best: Playing with no skills.

And, since Warrock has been doing a good job lately in banning hackers including all the ones I have submitted, I'm here now suggesting two programs for the regular gamer's arsenal against hackers so they can feel empowerment of seeing a hacker nading them one day and the next hacker-be-gone

One program is CamStudio. It's free and can be downloaded from cnet.com.


The other program is SolveiggMM AVI Trimmer. It can also be downloaded from cnet.com


With CamStudio you can just set it in the quick launch setting and when a hacker appears, click it, and a little pop up window appears. Just have it's "Region" pre-set to "Full Screen" and then all that is left to do is press the red record button and resume playing Warrock while filming the Nade Jumping Noob. Hacker names are quite readable during playback.

Now these video files can become quite large, especially if you decide not to pause or forget to stop recording while playing. It can easily attain 300MB so make sure you have some hard drive space to store that movie star hacker on your PC.

That's where SolveiggMM AVI Trimmer comes into play. It can trim a vid down quite easily in seconds. If the settings of CamStudio are original with the exception noted above with the full screen setting then about 20 seconds of video equals almost 25MB. The AVI Trimmer can also splice parts of the vid together if you want to show a hacker's best moments all in one take. I would suggest making a copy of the original video because the saving option is not very protective of file names.

These programs hardly take up one's PC's resources if it is already a decent enough computer.

If the links don't work just throw the program names into a search engine of a trusted download site of your liking. They may be there.

Smile all you hackers! You're on Candid Camera!


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