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Thread: Useful class for PVE and PVP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pizza View Post
    clearly you haven't been pvping much to see that some professions are clearly better than others.:d

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    I really hate to get involed in this flame fest, but nero, you need to support your claim. Name any time in the past six months when dervish has been meta as a primary in gvg or HA. The issue isn't that the class is bad (hell E/D's are still good as a split build), its that it not adaptable to the frontline position it fufills. The class has no method of knocking down targets (the basis for kills with both warriors and assassins), does not have high single target damage (fails on spikes), requires enchantments to be effective in most situations (meaning that rend/strip/any other enchat removal shuts down the class), does not have any significat caster shutdown, does not have any significant melee shutdown unless the dervish himself is being targeted, and if the dervish is healing, it is inferior to N/Rt's in total healing output, and is inferior to monks in damage prevention. (IE. it has none)

    Now, for why the class isn't bad.
    1. Dervishes hit three enemies with each attack if they are adjacent in the direction you are facing. This might not be useful against any pvp player with half a brian, but in pve, alliance battles or jade quarry it works wonders.
    2. Dervishes are extremely hard to take down without good enchantment removal.
    3. Dervishes aren't bad healers and the fact that enemies often don't look for dervish healers, and the ability to spam enchants makes the class fairly effective in random arenas.

    Comparthe pros to the cons, and I believe theres a farily good reason you will not be seeing dervish primaries in gvg or HA any time soon. (Hell, not in TA either)
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