hi im a lvl 50 tm lvl 42 bunny and i am no where close to the money requirement for 2nd job advancement

ive searched everywhere i could and these are the 2 solutions people always gave
1. keep ur lvl 40 gift box unopened and sell it for 1000000
2. go loot

unfortunately i already opened my lvl 40 gift box a LONG time ago so that is not an option. and i don't like looting. i personally hate it and it makes me feel horrible

is there any other way to make money? or if anyone is nice enough to donate some to me hahaa just playin

and can someone give me a heads up for what gift box i should not open and sell for 3rd job? so i don't have to come here and beg for help again haha.

i know there're other threads about it, but people always suggested those two... and the topic seemed to have drifted away...