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    Default Foreign Games List

    After making a good english games list I have decided to start on a korean/foreign games list all help would be appreciated as I don't understand these languages.

    Maple Story(available in english)
    http://maplestory.nexon.com/ Free to play

    LaTale (available in english)
    www.latale.com Free to play

    Ghost Soul(available in english)
    http://hon.mgame.com Free to play

    Legend Of Ares
    http://ares.mgame.com Free to play

    http://wffm.mgame.com Free to play

    Yulgang(available in english)
    http://yulgang.mgame.com Free to play

    Hero Online(available in english)
    http://hero.mgame.com/ Free to play

    Tales Weaver
    http://orlanne.tales.nexon.com/ Free to play (Korean)
    http://talesweaver.nexon.co.jp/ Free to play (Japanese)

    Mabinogi (available in english)
    http://mabinogi.nexon.com Free to play

    Emil Chronicle Online
    http://econline.gungho.jp Free to play

    Rohan Systemholic Online Rohan (available in english)
    www.rohan.co.kr Free to play

    Nine Dragons(available in english)
    www.ninedragons.co.kr Free to play

    Shaiya (available in english)
    http://shaiya.nexon.com/Content/Intr...on/intro2.html Free to play

    Cabal Online (available in english)
    www.cabal.co.kr Free to play

    Dekaron (available in english)
    www.dekaron.co.kr Free to play

    Holy Beast Online
    www.hbonline.com.tw Free to play

    Dungeon and Fighter
    www.d-fighter.com Free to play

    Crazy Racing Kart Rider
    http://kart.nexon.com/kart/page/Main.../newBurst_0801 Free to play

    Special Force
    http://pmang.sayclub.com/specialforc...force_home.nwz Free to play

    Pangya(available in english)
    www.pangya.com Free To Play

    Play Ball
    http://ma9.netmarble.net/main.asp Free to play

    www.digimonrpg.com Free to play

    Crazy Arcade
    http://ca.nexon.com/ca/default.aspx Free to play

    Fantasy Westward Journey
    http://xyq.163.com Free to play

    FungWo Online
    http://fw.object.com.cn/ Free to play

    Football Legend (available in english)
    www.football-legend.net Free to play

    www.pcik2.co.kr Free to play

    Sudden Attack
    www.suddenattack.co.kr Free to play

    Nostale(available in english)
    www.nostale.com Free to play

    Audition (available in English)
    http://audition.bugs.co.kr Free to play

    Rapplez (available in English)
    www.rappelz.com Free to play

    www.nida.co.kr Free to play I really like the armor design in this

    WYD2 (Available in English)
    www.wyd2.co.kr Free To Play

    1003b Online

    http://gundam.netmarble.net Free to play

    3 Online

    Groove Party
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