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Thread: What is farming? A beginners guide to farming!

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    Default What is farming? A beginners guide to farming!

    What is farming?

    Farming is repeatedly clearing an area of the game for the purpose of gathering gold, items, and other loot. It is usually done solo so that all drops will go to the person wanting the loot (the farmer). Because loot is split fewer (usually just split one way), you get more drops and more gold, and thus are wealthier.
    A point I will stress: You will be repeatedly killing big, dumb, melee baddies. They gather around for easy AoE pwnage, it is easy to counter their damage, reduce it, or negate it. They follow you,, don’t strip enchants, and many other convenient thing. If a big, dumb, melee-using monster is close to a town, you can farm it. Others can be farmed as well, but in terms of time vs. profit, kill melee monsters.

    How do I farm?

    You want to consider a few major things when farming- speed (time taken), accessibility (ease of getting there), and profitability (the loot). The goal is to maximize the latter two while minimizing the former. You will be using a build that is created specifically for killing one or two types of monsters, the ones that drop your loot.

    What do I need to farm?

    Not much. Some farming spots require certain skills to be effective, or require builds that are expensive to make. This guide will attempt to teach the poor man how to farm.

    What do I farm, and where do I farm it?

    The monsters you farm will all be melee attackers. Ranged mobs can be farmed, but it is very difficult. Large melee mobs will mob you, getting close for easy AoE damage. If there are casters about, especially with enchant removal, it is probably not a good farming spot.
    There are currently several excellent solo farming spots. Here is a small list (I will expand on each area):

    Ettins (Beetletun): Runes/Armors. gold
    Mountain Trolls (Droknar’s Forge): Weapons, gold, other items
    Griffons (Augury Rock): Weapons, other items, gold, misc.
    Smite Crawlers/Bladed Aatxes (Underworld): Rare weapons, ectoplasm
    Minotaurs (Elona Reach Mission): Weapons, gold, other items, misc.
    Grawl (Port Sledge): Runes/Armors, weapons, gold
    Sand Drakes (Elona Reach): Weapons, gold, other items, misc.
    Hydras (Augury Rock): Weapons, gold, other items
    Undead (Gates of Kryta mission): Weapons (Sephis Axes), dyes, gold, misc.
    Minotaurs (Ice Tooth Cave): Low level minotaurs.

    That is an abbreviated list of the main farming spots I have found. Feel free to add on/correct.

    How do I farm each area?

    Check individual strategy forums here, but below is a brief overview for each area.
    General tactics: Run up to the “crop”- the big, dumb, melee mobs you will farm. Have enchants used by your build (or stances) prepped. Start dishing out damage. Don’t die. Pick up loot. Move on. Rezone when all mobs are dead.
    For individual build specifics, check the forums of the class you wish to farm with. If I know a thread off the top of my head, I may link to it. Or I may not, so nyeh
    Most farming, as said earlier, is to be quick- this means AoE damage. Most popular is using Balthazar’s Aura, or elementalists using high-damage skills.

    Ettins: This is a fairly simple run. You leave from Beetletun, encountering Mergoyles, Spined Aloe, and Tengu. The Tengu mesmers are the only problem here. If you pack a run skill, run by them. The mesmers pack Shatter Enchant, the most dangerous thing to a farmer there is (or close enough, anyway). Directly beyond them are Ettins.
    You will sweep the ettins from Nebo Terrace, and zone into North Kryta Province. Run up through the Ascalon Settlement, and begin your run from here. Try to avoid Bog Skales when you see them. You will sweep up the hill to the right, then turn down towards the left, in an “l”. If you see Tengu, you are going the wrong way. You are heading toward the beach. Once you get close to it, stay along the cliffs to zone into Scoundrel’s Rise. Zone back, and clear it going the other direction.
    Continue until you have an inventory full of runes.

    Builds: There are many effective ones. Elementalists can be very fast, using the Mist Bomber build. Any build that can tank melee very well will work. I use a modified Dark Bomber build on my necromancer, since I don’t have an elementalist. It usually takes my a maximum of 30 seconds to clear a mob of 3-6 Ettins. Slow, but a good clip for an N/Me. A ranger trapper can clear it as well, or a poison ranger using distracting shot to get rid of Healing Signets. A warriors can disrupt or power through healing signets. Invinvi-smiters work as well.
    In general, they are very easy to farm, and superior runes can be VERY profitable.
    I give this farming area a 10/10. You get rune unlocks, too!

    Mountain Trolls: Zone into Talus Chute from Droknar’s Forge. Hug the cliffs, heading to the North West. There are Tengu warriors and rangers- sneak or run by them, some builds may be able to kill them. Once in the save, prepare your enchants, and let the slaughterfest begin. Once the cave is cleared, map back and do it again.
    Trolls can interrupt, so bringing Mantra of Resolve helps for casters. This can be very profitable, and is quite quick and easy to get to.

    Builds: Low-hp builds, Mist Bombers primarily. Other builds do work, as always.

    Griffons: Leave from Augury, going Southwest, hugging the left dune wall until you see the Griffons. Avoid aggroing Rockshots, or run and ditch them if you do- distracting shot can make a run real short if it hits at the wrong time.
    Here is a good guide to an easy run- other threads give builds for higher-level characters.
    This run is primarily a W/Mo smite run, using Balthazar’s Aura to kill. The warrior forum has numerous threads on farming this, so check there- the Search Forum link is your friend! I won’t do all, or even most, of the work for you. This guide is a primer, not to teach you how to pee.

    Smite Crawlers/Aatxes/Grasping Darknesses: the UW run.
    This is for invinci-monks using the 105/55hp invinci-monk builds. Other classes can do it as well. There is a superb guide to using the build on the monk forum, or maybe five? Plus discussion threads dating from each "nerf".
    Here is one such guide.
    If you don’t have the invinci-monk, you can’t solo it as effectively- it can be soloed, but not with the same efficiency. Better to farm elsewhere and buy the ectos with the profits. Really. Be wary when starting, or go with a buddy using a duo build, since the 1k entering cost can be steep if you don’t know what you are doing. Then again, if you are new to farming, you won’t be farming this area.

    Minotaurs: Simply enter the Elona reach mission, aggro minotaurs, and kill them.
    As long as you can tank them, and deal damage, this is profitable, easy farm. Nothing is easier to get to.
    The mist bomber build, or any other build that can tank and deal AoE damage, can farm this effectively. 105/55hp builds or otherwise, it works.

    Grawl: Walk out of Port Sledge. Can’t miss em. The danger here is Chilblains- don’t use enchantments! This is best farmed with an evasion/stance tank build or other builds that do not rely on enchantments. Traps can do it as well. You can get runes here as well. This is good if you’d like to farm chests as well.

    Sand Drakes: This is getting sort of repetitive ^^ If the builds works for one, chances are you can modify to be efficient on another. Here the main problem is Aftershock- they do elemental damage. Rangers can pwn these punks, I often use Poison/Symbol of Wrath/Balthazar’s Aura, mending and troll unguent to keep me alive. Balthazar’s Spirit and Storm Chaser give me huge amount of energy, and Storm lets me run from Scarabs, Rockshots, and the occasional Wurm (with practice, you can kill them, but it isn’t worth it).
    This run is nice, but not worth it compared to the Minotaur/Griffon runs. It is easier, since you will run into 2-3 Drakes at one time- slower, but much safer for the beginner.

    Hydras: Similar to Drakes, but you must worry about the knockdown from Meteor. They do physical damage with attacks, and elemental damage with spells, so be a bit more careful. Once more, not as easy or as profitable as minotaurs/griffons. Again, this is not something I have done often, so I will reserve judgement.

    Undead: Enter the mission. When you get to the first mob, do not fight it, but run into Oink’s area. Go into the farm, and walk around behind it. Nice little hidden path. You will walk down this path until you see a lone Hellhound prowling around. Once you get down to where he is, massive numbers of Hounds and Ghouls will spawn in your vicinity- a couple at first, then more as you kill off earlier waves. Just smite them with Balthazar’s/Symbol of Wrath and reap the rewards. Easy farming!

    Any Questions or Additional Detail that should be added just send me a Message or post it here on this thread
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    make a 55 monk and you can farm anything that doesnt hit you with mass degen or disenchants.

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    If you have the trilogy I suggest just making a perma A/Me and farm Tomb of the Primeval Kings.
    Easily make 100k in a few hours.

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    i dont have the entire thing all i have is prophecies and eye of the north, i used trials for factions and nightfall and those were the places i found.

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    Haha, I think it was a well written guilde for farming. For my farming I mainly use my Mo/me 55

    +rep for effort and my opinion on a good guide :3

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