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    Default K-Style GUIDE

    @#1 Introduction

    Hello and welcome to another K-Style guide created by Iris.
    You might want to use the CTRL+F function.

    Table of Contents
    [@#1] Intro
    [@#2] Intro Pt.2
    [@#3] Versions and Updates
    [@#4] Basic K-Style techniques
    [@#5] Advanced K-Style techniques
    [@#6] K-Style tips, tricks, and pointers
    [@#7] FAQs
    [@#8] Ending statement
    [@#9] Credits, thanks, and others random stuff
    [@#10] Legal disclaimer

    @#2 Introduction Part 2
    K-Style? What? K-Style, to the ignorant layman, can be described as uber fast button pressing. However, K-Style is a lot harder then it seems. K-Style is using a sword to fly through air and scale up a building with immense speed. Well, let’s get to it!

    @#3 Versions and Updates

    May 22, 06 – Started the guide. Finished up to part 6. Awaiting FAQ questions.
    Wow, stickied. Im so proud!
    June 4th, 06 - Thanks for contributing everyone. This guide is now not only my work, but was editted by all of you people through me. Thank you!

    @#4 Basic K-Style Techniques
    This is where K-Style gets hard. Let’s see… we’ll go through WS, LS, SS, another SS, BF, MWR. No idea what I’m talking about? Too bad, read and learn! By the way, the order of the list is the order I recommend you learn the techniques.

    Comments – This is the basic of K-Style. I suggest you learn this first. It’s basically flying up a wall.

    How to – Jump off a wall, slash, dash toward the wall, jump off again, slash, dash. Jump slash dash. Jump slash dash. Repeat.

    Comments – This is a pointless move, but is good for practicing K-Style. Useful for getting fingers used to FS and HS, moves we’ll encounter later.

    How to – Jump, dash one way, slash, then dash another way. Very simple.

    Comments – The first attack tech. The basis of all gun-attack moves within K-Style. The simplest attack, yet possibly more effective then other advanced techs.

    How to – Jump, dash, slash-switch [Do it fast, and hold click after you slash],
    shoot-jump, [Shoot occurs automatically if you help slash. Do it fast]
    Switch back to sword, dash away.

    Comments – Used with dual of one type of gun, EG Shotgun x2, Revolvers x2, etc. It increases attack speed and accuracy.

    How to – Shoot, switch to another gun while holding click, shoot, switch while holding click, shoot, switch, shoot, switch, repeat till you run out of ammo, die, or feel you are done.

    Comments – Most useful technique in GunZ, IMO.

    How to – Jump, dash, slash, block. Repeat, FAST.

    Comments – Not too useful, but it deserves a little subsection of its own. Useful for running away, but that’s about it. Also, this is one of those things that you can do perfectly one second, and mess up the next. It’s based all around practice.

    How to – Wall run, dash toward wall at about a 35-55º angle. Double press the jump key. Viola!

    @#5 Advanced K-Style Techniques

    This section is going to cover the finer points of K-Style. FS, HS, HHS, RS, WS, MS, and IK.

    Comments - A useless move, much like an advanced version of light step.

    How to - Jump, dash, slash, weapon switch, sword switch, land, jump (ever so slightly) dash. It looks like a jump dash, a little hop, and another dash.


    Comments – The basic advanced [oxymoronic much?] technique of K-Style. This is basically SS with another little dash. When you slash then switch, you have time for another dash, because the slash isn’t canceled by the gun switch. You dash one way, switch, shoot, and dash another way.

    How to - Jump, dash, slash-switch, shoot, dash another way, switch back to sword, dash away.

    Comments – This is basically HS with a little jump in it.

    How to - Jump, dash, slash-switch, shoot,
    ---!!!--- [Be patient till you jump, or you wont do it right] jump,
    Dash another way, switch back to sword, dash away.

    Comments – Just a faster version of switch shot.

    How to – Shoot-reload, switch, shoot-reload, switch, repeat until you want to or need to stop.

    Comments – Technically, this is a hybrid style, not K-Style. But, hell, I use it. Can’t be that bad! This is HHS with an automatic.

    How to - Jump, dash, slash-switch, shoot,
    ---!!!--- [Be patient till you jump, or you wont do it right] jump,
    Dash another way [Dash a little late],
    Switch back to sword, dash away.

    Comments – Never liked this move.

    How to – Way 1. Uppercut, dash – slash. Uppercut, jump, dash – slash. Repeat till enemy is dead.
    Way 2. Uppercut, switch to gun, shoot. Switch to sword, jump, dash – slash. Uppercut again. Repeat.
    Way 3. Uppercut, shoot rapidly [Works best with automatics, can be done by Switchshotting / RSing with revolvers or shotgun] at enemy.
    Way 4. Uppercut, block, shoot, sword, HS front and back at enemy, jump dash, slash, uppercut. Again.

    Comments - This is simply putting a reload after every shot. For instance, a reload HS would be
    Jump, dash, slash-switch, shoot[reload], dash another way, switch back to sword, dash away. All this does is cancel out the delay of the shotgun, allowing about .75 second faster HS or HHS, or whatever.

    How to - Shoot, reload, switch.

    Comments - I like this move. Its basically a beefed up version of butterfly - Its stronger and slower. You attack about 1.5x faster, but you dont move as fast. If you dont dash, its a static DBF. Its for cornering people.

    How to - Jump, slash, block, dash, slash, block. OR Jump, slash, block, slash, block.

    @#6 K-Style tips, tricks, and pointers.

    - Avoid slanted areas [stairs, island by the boats, etc.] They limit K-Style moves.
    - Don’t even try to do moves if you know you suck at them. All this will accomplish is getting you humiliated by making other people see you do a pitiful attempt of a move.
    - Learning K-Style is a VERY long process. Remember that.
    - K-Styling every game is the best way to practice it.
    - K-Style skills can’t be taught, it can only be learned through practice.

    Armor – There are 4 main parts of armor. Body, hands, feet, and rings. For the body, Pants are more important then jackets. Hands, try to get the beginning gloves till you can get iron gloves. Same with feet. As for rings, get the level 10’s. Great stuff. Personally, I like HP / AP Balance, to a 100-75 ratio [100 HP, 75 AP].

    Weapons – There are 3 main types of weapons K-Stylers use. Shotgun, Revolvers, and Rocket Launchers.
    Shotgun is the basic type. Semi-concentrated damage, fast bullets, good damage, sort of wide area of attack. Very useful. The jack of all trades. Useful for almost all K-Stylers.

    Revolvers are useful for uber pro’s and crap for everyone else. You need suburb aim to use these. Honestly, I have no idea about these. Any info will be appreciated.

    Rocket Launchers, the noobie type of weapon… or so people say. This takes less aim, but if you miss, the consequences will be severe, due to the low ammo quantity. You must lead shot well, due to slow bullets and lag nowadays. The area of explosion is quite big, so don’t worry about pinpoint attacks. Also, aim at the ground, not at the person. I don’t recommend these, due to the uber destruction of your aim after a few levels of these launchers.

    Also, for melee, swords are better for K-Styling. While others prefer kodachis, as they help with animation clarity, swords do more damage in less time. Also, there are several sword “glitches” used…

    Comments – Breaks through most “blocks”.

    How to – About face before you massive. Then massive

    Comments – Breaks through all “blocks”.

    How to – Back Massive while looking straight up.

    Comments – Blocks all massives except Sky Massive.

    How to – Look straight up and block while moving backwards.

    @#7 FAQ

    Too lazy to make up questions, so taking some through PM’s and emails. =]

    @#8 Ending Statement

    Seriously, I had no idea I would make this guide. I was bored, just made it.

    @#9 Credits, thanks, and others random stuff

    Credits – Me, MAIET, Kraise [for reinventing K-Style.], and Scuba356.
    Thanks – Me [I made this guide!]
    MAIET [They made this game!]
    My clan [Kept me in the game!]
    Other random stuff – You can find me on server EAST. If you want to join my clan, PM me. I don’t care about levels much. Contact me at for a gmail invite. PM me if you need to contact me. Thank you!

    @#10 Legal disclaimer

    This guide is copyright 2006, 2007 Iris AKA ¡Kairi AKA Xooiii. I give permission of usage to only You may use any part of this guide in any way, as long as – 1. I receive credit. 2. This guide is not changed. This guide may not be used or reproduced, in whole or part, for the sake of monetary profit.
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