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    Smile Fusioning Guide

    When you have a 100% sealed item here's the simple steps you need to do in order to boost up a weapon/equip of your choice.

    1. You must have a 100% (full) 'sealed' item: Sealed Chest (lvl10) Sealed Ring (lvl9) Sealed Necklace (lvl 8); Sealed Mirror (lvl 7) Sealed Bead (lvl 6)Sealed Talisman(lvl 5); Sealed Gourd (lvl4); Sealed Orb (lvl 3); Sealed Stone (lvl 2) and Sealed Charm (lvl 1) The lower level the item, the better stats it will be, and the smaller the sucess rate.

    2. You must find a Bookstore Keeper and search for a scroll (i.e If you have a full Sealed Ring, buy the scroll that says "Scroll required to combine Sealed Ring with equipment") that best describes your sealed item.

    3. Then here comes the fun part! Exit the store and click on Soul Fusion and put the scroll you have just bought on the left box that says: Fusion Scroll then in the right box "Equipment" drag the item tyou want to upgrade in that box (it may not work, first unequip it first) and put the full sealed item in the top box.

    4. You can now press the button "Fusion" and a purple ring (your souls) will start to circle around the items quickly and at the end your item will be upgraded!
    Sealed Chest: +1 Weapon attack or +2 Weapon defense 100%
    Sealed Ring: +2 Weapon attack or +4 Weapon defense 90%
    Sealed Necklace: +3 Weapon attack or +6 Weapon defense 80%
    Sealed Mirror: +4 Weapon attack or +8 Weapon defense 70%
    Sealed Beads: +5 Weapon attack or +10 Weapon defense 60%
    Sealed Talisman: +6 Weapon attack or +12 Weapon defense 50%
    Sealed Gourd: +7 Weapon attack or +14 Weapon defense 40%
    Sealed Orb: +8 Weapon attack or +16 Weapon defense 30%
    Sealed Stone: +9 Weapon attack or +18 Weapon defense 20%
    Sealed Charm: +10 Weapon attack or +20 Weapon defense 10%
    (I am unsure about the percantages, but I think they are correct!)
    Happy Fusioning! I hope it is a success! (Then it rains confetti and stuff)
    Good Luck! If you are having problems, please tell me without further notice, or email me at, NO SPAM!
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    Wait, what version are you talking about?

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    Something around 4%? Rates are for the malaysian version.

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