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Thread: Savage Clan Ladder - Tournament 1: Revival

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    Default Savage Clan Ladder - Tournament 1: Revival

    Application Period : July 13th - July 16th
    Schedule Posted : July 17th
    Tournament Date : July 18th
    Approximate Tournament Times : 3pm EST - 5pm EST (8pm GMT - 10pm GMT)


    What is the Savage Clan Ladder?

    The Savage Clan Ladder (SCL) is the official online competitive ranking system where players from Savage 2 can create, challenge and compete against other clans for the #1 spot on the leaderboard. Additionally, we at the S2SCIP are proud to unveil weekly battle tournaments to discover the strongest clan each week.

    Battle Tournament Mechanics

    • Prizes : Each member of the winning clan will be rewarded with one scratch off ticket used to redeem Persistant Items and the prestige of their clan icon/banner being proudly displayed on the Savage 2 frontpage until the next tournament.

    • Application Period : Mondays through Thursdays
    • Schedule Posted : Fridays
    • Tournament Date : Saturdays
    • Approximate Tournament Times : 3pm EST - 5pm EST (8pm GMT - 10pm GMT)
    • Team Size: 7 (see rules for further details)
    • Servers: To accommodate both EU and US players, brackets will be chosen to accommodate the best possible connection speed for as many matches as possible in the tournament. Ideally, EU clans would be placed against EU clans in the preliminary brackets. This goes latterly the same for US clans. EU vs US match ups will be played on a US East server. If at some later date we get more clans involved in competitive scene separate tournaments will very much be a possibility.

    Creating and Managing a Clan:
    If you have never been a part of the Savage 2 competitive play now is your time! You can either create or view all the Savage 2 clans by visiting the SCL page of the Savage 2 website. There you will find all the tools for creating and administrating your clan as well as viewing the current clan ladder rankings.

    Rules/Policies of Tournament Play:
    Can be found here. All clans are expected to have read and abide by these rules for tournament play.


    *The images linked to the scratch off ticket are examples of the possible end result of using a scratch off ticket. For more information about scratch off tickets visit your account manager by logging into your account here.

    *The clan ladder rankings are not currently being displayed properly on the SCL homepage. This bug has been reported and will be addressed sometime in the near future.

    There has been some confusion as to the rules in tournament play. This pertains mainly to exploits. I'll list them here:

    1. No going into areas or placing gadgets in areas that are clearly not intended to be used by players/gadgets

    What's this mean? The rule of thumb in how you can check that an area is "OK" or not is if you are able to 100% legitimately get up to the place in question while only holding the "W" key and using your mouse for direction. If you find you have to sprint, charge/dash, or jump to get to the location in question, it is not allowed.

    Gadgets can *only* be placed in locations that you can physically run to as a player, using the above method of only using "W"

    1b. This includes using methods like charge and sprint to get past terrain obstacles or past props that are intended to block off a path

    For example, using charge to get past the walls on morning or placing a portal on the other side of the walls. Technically speaking, you can get to the other side of the wall just holding "W" - by going around the mountain. The wall on morning is an example of a mechanic that is intended to slow access to a certain area, and putting portals on the other side or charging past it circumvents this and is thus illegal in tournament play (and pub play for that matter).

    2. No going on top of enemy structures

    This rule should be self explanatory. Don't go on top of enemy structures.

    3. It is illegal to place gadgets in locations that make them impossible to hit or kill, or inside other objects

    This means no placing spawn portals, for example, inside another object such that the other object hides the spawn portal from view (we'll try to get all instances of this fixed). Now, if there is some prop that has a big empty spot in its middle, it is of course OK to place it there. The idea here is that if a prop is "bugged" and allows placement INSIDE the prop's edges, it's a no-go.

    This includes placing eyes inside the cracks in a hellshrine

    There may be some other areas on maps that make sentry bats or electric eyes or other gadgets impossible to hit or kill. That is not acceptable either. It is acceptable to place if the following criteria are met:
    1. The eye/bat can be killed with ranged attacks
    2. You are able to physically walk to the location the eye/bat was placed (effectively, you can melee it)

    4. No spectating during a live match
    No clan member from either team should ever spectate. Not only will this permanently reduce your team by 1 member, but it is illegal as you could then communicate information to your teammates.

    5. No clan-hopping Mid-Tournament
    Players may not switch clans mid-tournament

    The only exception here is S2 staff who will have the ability to spectate/referee live matches

    If you have a full roster of 7 players on the server and waiting, and your opponent either doesn't show up or doesn't have enough players, stay on the server. After 10 minutes, if your clan still has the minimum number (7) and the opponent doesn't, you will receive the win. However in the spirit of good sportsmanship if on the day of the tournament if for whatever reason a clan cannot meet the minimum 7 players and both teams agree to a rematch with less players, accomidations can sometimes be made by private messaging Shikamaru or S2Mercenary in game chat.


    If someone wants to join this tournament, please PM me or write it here, I need some active members in my clan so we can participate! Everyone welcome, free and prime members!
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