Game name: EvE Online
Game Description:
What is EVE Online?

EVE is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) that takes place approximately 20.000 years after our times in a galaxy on the far end of the universe. When you join EVE you assume the role of a freshly graduated „Capsuleer“, a relatively small group of elite spaceship pilots capable of controlling powerful spaceships on their own from within their capsules. Capsuleers are often referred to as "The immortals" due to the fact that the highly advanced capsules they are connected to from the inside, are capable of instantly dowloading their consciousness to a clone of themselves in the case of physical destruction.

A few things make EVE special amongst other MMORPGs...
EVE is a single "shard" virtual world. What that means is that everyone who joins EVE becomes a part of the same world and the same community. The industry standard for MMORPGs is to run the game on multiple smaller servers, so called shards, so that each player only has the opportunity of interaction with a few thousand other players even if the number of subscribers can be in the millions. In EVE you have the opportunity to affect more than 250.000 other players in one way or another as all our players are a part of the same persistent universe, hosted on the world‘s most powerful gaming server yet.

In EVE you are free to choose your own destiny. You start out as a character from one of four races that inhabit the EVE universe but apart from slightly different starting skills you are free to take your character in any direction you want. You are not restricted by predefined character classes or professions. You can trade to make a living, conduct mining operations, market your fighting skills as a mercenary, camp the spacelanes for profit as a pirate, conduct espionage and infiltration, focus on research and manufacturing, or perform increasingly profitable missions for NPC (non player controlled, run by the EVE system) agents. What you choose to do day by day is up to you. You can play alone, form a corporation (equivalent of clan or guild) with a close group of friends or seek entrance to any of the large player run corporations and alliances already established. The EVE Unviverse and its 5000 unique solar systems are yours to explore and conquer.

In EVE you don‘t level up like in most games. You purchase skills which then train in real time until finished. The skills train even while you are offline. Skills give you a myriad of different abilities. Some allow you to fly specific types of ships or use a particular weapon while others focus more on general things. Each skill has five levels which all give the same percentage bonus to whatever field of your gameplay they affect. Each level however takes increasingly longer to train so that players are always faced with the choice of specializing in one field, or spend the skill training time equally on many different fields.

Publisher: CCP
Genre: Sci-Fi Space RPG
Status: released/ in some stores
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