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Thread: Online Graffiti RPG

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    Default Online Graffiti RPG

    I had a great idea today that i thought i might like to work on now that it is summer and i am free.

    A online graffiti game

    It would be a 3rd person cell shaded game, but the graffity would have pretty high quality graphics wise because it would be a art game.

    There could be 3 gangs(factions) and when you create character you would choose one of the 3 gangs. I was thinking u could have a system where u can do missions for ure gang as a Tagger. When you do the missions like taging in dangerous spots you would get exp and money. Money could be used to buy better paint tools for faster graffiti so you have a less chance of running into cops. When you level up you get faster painting and better graphics to choose from(these could be learned for a master like skill masters in wow)

    Cops in this game would be needed to make it fun and challenging, u could have the cops chase u and u could get into on ground chases wich would be pretty fun. U get caught by the cops u loose like 1% of exp just like every other game in history, oh and they take away ure paint.

    In the missions you wouldnt be doing stupid buildings u would look for the most dangerous spots like tag a cop station! if u could pull this off then u would get alot of exp and money for doing the job.

    What we would need to make this game:

    Couple programmers who know alot about 3rd person 3d mmorpgs.

    couple of Modelers are characters got to look cool u know

    10 or so Artists, like 3 for teh textures, and 7 for graffiti or they could switch on and off.

    Testers maybe like 20 but hell testers are ez to find so that wouldnt be hard.

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    no doubt tagging is fun, but the game would be great with lots of features to fit everyone's nich. Urban FPS - GTA almost your game...

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