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Thread: Onrpg's Anime Essentials List

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    Yes, it'll be the OnRPGs opinions, and detailed, and well organized. I understand what you're saying, but I don't like to do simple, I like doing big things, making big moves. This'll be a big list where any anime fan would greatly benefit from.
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    In my opinion its preaty much waste of time making such thread unless you have enormous time to spend on it. Becouse to attract peoples and make such thread good, it should contain images, desciption, no a copy-cat one but personal one+should tell about story a little and write down rating for it from some official site so people know how its rated by some official site and + user rating. But to do that... ummm.. alot of time. Just imagine how many animes there are :P
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    he said in the two year dead thread to the guy who ragequit onrpg ages ago :3
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