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    Default Onrpg's Anime Essentials List

    This way we can cut down the repetitive threads asking the same question - looking for an anime.

    We'll use a voting system. You can only vote for one anime once. You can vote for as many anime as you like.
    You can also vote negatively. If an anime goes into the negatives- it'll be completely removed from the list.

    When stating the anime you don't need to include Genre Tags.
    Please note whether you're voting for the manga version, or the animated version - You can vote for both - They count as separate anime.

    Do not edit your posts - please just make a new post or it won't be noted.

    Genre Key
    The anime below are tagged with a genre. If you're looking for anime of a particular genre, use the tag (ex: [ACTION]) in your web brower's search/find function.

    • Action Anime [ACTION]
    • Adventure Anime [ADVENTURE]
    • Anime Films [MOVIES]
    • Comedy Anime [COMEDY]
    • Detective Anime [DETECTIVE]
    • Drama Anime [DRAMA]
    • Ecchi Anime [ECCHI]
    • Fantasy Anime [FANTASY]
    • Fighting/Martial Arts Anime [FIGHTING]
    • Horror Anime [HORROR]
    • Magical Boy/Girl Anime [MAGIC]
    • Manga / Novel [MANGA]
    • Mecha Anime [MECHA]
    • Mystery Anime [MYSTERY]
    • Post-Apocalyptic Anime [POST-APOCAL]
    • Psychological Anime [PSYC]
    • Romance Anime [ROMANCE]
    • Science Fiction Anime [SCIENCE FICTION]
    • Shojo-ai Anime [SHOJO-AI]
    • Shonen Anime [SHONEN]
    • Shonen-ai Anime [SHONEN-AI]
    • Slice of Life [LIFE]
    • Supernatural Anime [SUPERNATURAL]
    • Suspense Anime [SUSPENSE]
    • Thriller Anime [TRILLER]
    • Yaoi Anime [YAOI]
    • Yuri Anime [YURI]

    I tried to cover all the genres, if you think there is a genre tag I should add, please note in your post. If you believe an anime is tagged incorrectly please state changes.

    Essential/Must Watch Anime[21+ Votes]

    Recommended Anime[16 - 20 Votes]

    [11-15 Votes]

    [6-10 Votes]

    [1-5 Votes]

    Clannad After Story [COMEDY][ROMANCE][DRAMA]
    Fafner in the Azure [MECHA][ACTION][DRAMA]
    Full Metal Panic [ACTION][COMEDY][MECHA]
    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [COMEDY][SCI-FI][LIFE][MYSTERY][PSYC]
    Naruto [MANGA][SHONEN]
    Naruto Shippuden [ACTION][ADVENTURE][COMEDY]
    Welcome to the NHK [COMEDY][DRAMA][PSYC][ROMANCE]

    ((The voting ranges are subject to change as more votes come in))

    ((I'll try to keep everything alphabetical, so please vote alphabetically))

    ((A banner is always welcome - haha))

    ((And noting my spelling and grammar mistakes would be helpful))
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