Hey guys.

I've played trickster for a while several months ago and I managed to get my charm raccoon to level 30. After that though it seemed like there wouldn't be storyline quests in a while which helped out A LOT with the major exp rewards. I finished the keyquest with the sand man guy and got the reward. I feel like taking up my character again so I can at least get him to level 50 for his job change (its been bugging me for a while) and I was wondering...exactly where should I level?

Are there any quests that I can do that give decent exp besides the monster hunting quest which only works once a day?

My character is a charm raccoon level 30, mainly a huge tank with a lot of health but not as much damage output.

Oh and another question...how the hell do you get 1 million galder before getting to level 50 0~0...that seems really difficult for a second job change.