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    Default I'm baaacck

    Hey some of you might remember me as the extreme poster on ghostsource. You might know me as the person who wrote a mining guide for both novia and GS. Either way I'm back, and I was wondering if anyone still plays GO. I'm 55 with some pretty nice level 60 equips (+52 glove), and want some people to play with.

    If anyone wants to play with me I'll post my IGN later. I haven't been on in forever. (Its either to0thydip or t0othydip)

    P.S. The person that would probably remember me best is c0mput3r.

    Edit: I just got on. I played on the go.gameflier one so I can still play.
    Edit2: Where do I train at 55. I've been at snails forever
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