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Thread: What Went Wrong with Warhammer Online? A Postmortem.

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    Default What Went Wrong with Warhammer Online? A Postmortem.

    This is sure to be controversial, but hopefully you will find the analysis and insights reasonably sound and share your own opinions.

    What Went Wrong with Warhammer Online? A Postmortem.

    The big question really is whether or not WAR can turn the ship around. Honestly, I am dubious at the moment. The next few months will really tell us a lot, but some of the mistakes listed in that article do not seem like things they can easily correct.

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    Warhammer has plenty of people playing, and is a very fun game. That's all that matters. It seems like all bloggers believe that if a game doesn't have half as many players as WoW, then it's considered unsuccessful.

    A lot of these points are garbage. Warhammer can't have a third realm, because the races wouldn't match up with lore. Too much crowd control? Use what you can to remove it. Bad class balance? Classes are balanced for large, large scale battles. Not 1v1. Although I've often seen these "bad" classes take on groups of people by themselves. Badlands is relatively even on both sides. PvP isn't meaningless, rewards are awesome and getting to RR80 is awesome.

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