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Thread: Zu online is it any good?

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    it is flawed, but as F2P goes, it is pretty damn good.

    Lots of events for exp (Pet event, monster killing event, quiz events), decent controls, and faction versus faction fighting.

    Problems include:
    -Your introduction to PvP will be some level 100+ stomping on your poor level 40 face when you're in town, that level 100+ will have his way with the entire town for a while, you're best bet is to go to another town if this happens.
    -Cash shop is insane (your mount confers bonuses to you, without cashshop you can get [iirc] 2, with cashshop 8).
    -Leveling is quest grinding (kill 80 of these, go kill 500 of those)
    -There was a terrible inbalanced when I was playing (sunwarriors + aoe = win teh game)
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    It is fun, and nice to waste time, the gfx will entertain you for awhile as well . I played it for awhile, then eventually went back to La Tale, but I suggest at least trying it.

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