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Thread: Champions onlice, not comming to xbox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elix View Post
    I completely agree with Arri, silver accounts should be able to get it, but being as Microsoft already considers their 7.99 or w.e I'm paying atm a deal, who knows really...which is sad, I feel for those who want 360 version of this MMO (b2p+xbl+p2p+cs)

    as for Corrision, are you sure about Huxley, last I saw the 360 version was a killed project, but as for if it is still going, the only thing you'll need is XBL, Huxley itself is f2p. Champions on the eother hand is 15 a month. Whether or not you'll need gold for Champions is unknown, as for Huxley, probably.
    No huxley wasn't killed.

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    whether its comming or not, its now unclear.. first it was listed with xbox 360 now... all of the sudden its not

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    does it matter?
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    i still hope it is...considering its one of the main reasons i got my 360 (well that and a few other games).my pc cant handle running it right now and i could upgrade but i have wow for my pc and wanted champions for my 360.

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    Champions is coming to 360 in march go to your local gamestop\eb games an ask.

    also, ffxi and psu are both playable on silver accounts.

    An yes the chatpad on 360 does work for ffxi just not psu.

    yes i play both psu and ffxi on 360 so its facts not hearsay. also all i use to chat on ffxi is a chatpad.

    i also just went to gamestop 2 days ago an reserved my copy of champions for the 360.

    so there hope that helps. an at a 4$ a month (for the year xbl) who cares about the gold or not what they gain like 15 cents a player per game that requires xbl? pppffftttt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arri View Post
    IMO console MMOs should be accessable from a silver membership. Why, you ask?

    You shouldn't be charged $30 or so a month because you have to pay for XBL Gold, AND the MMO, whereas PCs only have to pay $15 a month. Plus the fact that Cryptic is mostly likely going to use microtransactions in their games (Cash Shop), would make the cost for a 360 subber even scarier.

    Besides, it's not as if Microsoft will suddenly lose every gold member they have. Those that want to play Halo or Gears of War or Red Faction will still need a gold membership. And that's the main playerbase for the 360.
    I hope you understand xbox live isn't 15$ a month. It's like..50$ for 13 months.

    Anyways, for those of you who actually played the game, you would know it feels like it was designed from the ground up to be played on a console. I mean look at the controls....The game was designed around the xbox controller.

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