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Thread: How does Champions online work?

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    Default How does Champions online work?

    like how do u get a character? do u completely customize the looks and powers? or are there like preset heroes you can be or something? is there lots of partying and stuff for instance type things? and is there a way to make a "healing/support" hero? cuz that is what i like to play in mmos :P

    thanks for info

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    you have to wait for it to release unless youre testing the game.
    Characters are completely customizable, yes they have presets.
    You can party throughout the whole game really. There are a lot of opportunities (like all mmo's) to party.
    yes you can be a support character.

    Can't really go into detail due to the Non-disclosure Agreement.
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    Not allowed to talk about the game until the NDA lifts. Sorry

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