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Thread: Aion closed beta keys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhorsen View Post
    afraid it would be something like that, after all its NCsoft. their games are like a turd with suggar coating arround it. it starts out good, then it gets repetitive, and then u will see the further u get the more crappy the maps/mobs/quests look like and then u quit, thats pretty much every game of NCsoft. ill try aion out in open beta to see it for myself maybe.. otherwise when it releases but i made myself the promise to never spend a single cent on NCsoft anymore cause it always ends up beeing a waste or a ripoff.

    looks can be deceiving fits ncsoft well =p
    just cause they had some failures doesn't mean they aren't a bad company. their customer service is great and guildwars was and still is a great game.

    Quote Originally Posted by dinalx View Post
    So how does the preorder actually work? When I pay the $5 down do they give me a code right on the spot? :/ it'll be my first preorder.

    *Edit: I just contacted my local ebgames and they said they were out of the beta codes, so even if I did preorder the game right now I still can't get into the game till a later beta phase :/ steam bestbuy and ncsoft still has keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by korncob View Post
    Not sure which games your referring to but that is just ignorant.
    just to call a few.. dungeon runners, tabula rasa, auto assault. i bought 2 of them and both are unplayable now, i might aswell trow away the cd's, but then again i wouldnt want to play these games cause the endgame content was crap. i didnt like coh/cov. i didnt like the lvl cap in GW. lineage isnt my thing either and i havent tested exteel yet. what else is left?

    thats why i pretty much lost my faith in NCsoft, spend over 100euro on games i cant or dont want to play anymore. (maybe 200euro even cause autoassault costed me 70euro alone before it was finaly playable)

    if they make a endless stream of failing games they are forced to shut down it DOES mean they are a bad company. they dont care about the players, just money

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