Hey all, its been several days now and some players are still having a tough time getting into the game. As such, I thought the game has been released long enough to put down a comprehensive review of Champions Online.

Although I write this champions is technically ‘in beta’ ..the real fact is the game is out and available to the public to purchase and play. As such, players are trying to make a decision as to whether or not this game is right for them (and spending ~$50). It is my hope that this review will help you with this decision. I will update and revise the review constantly through open beta as I expect many things will change.

Champions Online: The Review
"Super Fun PVE … Super Bland PvP..and a Lot of Spandex in Between"

I worked hard to make it unbiased, fairly comprehensive and fun to read. Focusing on being straightforward as possible …addressing why the highs aren’t so high, nor the lows so disastrous.

However I would really like your input. Aspects I overlooked, things you liked or didn't like, spelling mistakes, or any errors Ive made (I may be superhuman in this game, but I remain a mere mortal in life) .

I don't mind if you post how much you hate the review, just be constructive as to how I can improve. I actually encourage people to point out what they didnt like or dont agree with and why. Sometimes the harshest of critiques are the most useful.

Thanks all!