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Thread: Do I have what it takes?

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    I'd learn a few libraries beyond those languages (like OpenGL), but yes, C++ and Java are generally the two languages you're going to need.

    You should also try to see what you can do to get an internship at a gaming company, if that's where you want to go. If there's one in your area, talk to your school about possibly doing some sort of co-op, if they offer it.

    If they don't, look up the phone number for human resources of whichever game company you'd like to apply to, and ask them! That's what HR is there for. Say you're a student who's looking for an opportunity to work at their company as a tools/graphics/gameplay programmer when you graduate, and ask them what qualifications you might need.

    Most companies usually require a Computer Science/Software Engineering degree from an accredited university, but some don't require a degree at all; and a lot will take you (or so I've heard) if you have something equivalent, or if you simply have good, relevant work experience on your resume.

    Which game company were you thinking of working at?

    EDIT: Ohho! I see you're also chillin' over here with me in Montreal. So you have plenty of choice.

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    Well, so far I have Ubisoft and EA Games as possibilities.

    I had an Career Choice class in my last high school year which lead me to having a contact in Ubisoft who showed me the ropes of programming and stuff. Spent a whole day there and I LOVED it. It was so much fun and the guy was really interesting and just got me even more hooked on programming.

    EA Games. Uncle friend's is working there and maybe could find a spot for when I'm done with Cégep :P

    At the moment, I plan on completeing Cégep and then heading over McGuill for University. That's what sounds like the most logical choice.

    Also, I'll take a look at OpenGL.

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