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Thread: Aion Wins Best Online Game at Gamescom

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    I went to sleep with this thread on the top of the page and I woke up in 8 hours with the same thread on top of the page, it's ridiculous.

    There's those hardcore haters who like to be unique since it's number 1 and is hyped so much. It can't be a good game without them though.. I'd say wait for a few months after to release and give it a fair go before anyone can decide why it should or shouldn't be on top.

    I'm ready to go and looking forward to playing Aion. It looks, feels, plays as a good game and there haven't been many MMOs out there which have done the same these past few years which is why there's hype.

    Quote Originally Posted by leathel View Post
    Have you seen the gameplay video of final fantasy 14? It looks to me like Squaresoft are not looking for a new playerbase at all they just want to migrate all the people on 11 over to 14. The gameplay did not look any different at all im not saying this is a bad thing but meh.
    I don't think FFXIV is party orientated as much as XI though.. Which I don't know is a good thing or not since I loved how things played in FFXI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alivada View Post
    Probably only won because all the Aion fanboys (there seems to be a lot of them 0.o) would rage.
    I would of given it to Champions.
    You serious? Did you even play CoV or CoH? it is EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

    Leathel: Did you read the features? even tho gameplay didnt show much other than a fail hunt for a chicken too bad they couldnt show the armoury system. Changing jobs by just changing weapons?

    On Topic: You love it or hate it w/e me I got the collectors cause game is interesting and box is awesome. (yes I have a bad habbit of buying games just cause the box is pretty, do I regret it? hell yes I do. Curse wrath and war)

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