Guild Site: Black Heaven
Region: Europe
Server: Undecided
Faction: Asmodian
Play Style: Casual/Semi Hardcore

About Us

We are a guild with members of ages ranging from 16 to 30, some with jobs, some in school. We accept anyone despite their age/sex/ethnicity as long as they have a mature behaviour. All members are equal in Black Heaven regardless of the rank they might acquire. We like to play together but we understand the need for people to play alone as well. Aion, being a party oriented game, will help us know each other faster and better.
The core people of the guild have been playing together for more than 2 years in games like 2Moons, Rohan, Requiem: Bloodymare, Cabal, etc. We have played Aion on China servers as well and know pretty much all there is to know until lvl 30 on Asmodian side. All information we have will be posted on our forums so anyone can benefit from them.

Here are some screenshots from previous games and Aion.
This is my Youtube channel where you can find Aion related videos.

Fun Factor

We like to make our play time as fun as possible so we will have guild events and give the opportunity to other people to suggest events as well, in game or on forums.
We also record videos, either events, battles, secrets, PVP or random and post them on our forums.


Please read the Rules for both in-game and site on our forums.
We do not accept hackers and/or botters.
Ventrilo and working microphone are mandatory on raids, sieges or Abyss PvP. (You can find more detailed in-game and in-guild behaviour expectations on our forums.)


If you have any questions you can ask me here or send me a PM.
If you want to apply to the guild, go to our site (posted at the top of this topic) and use the "Apply to Guild" button.