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Thread: Add Game - Prison Block

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    Smile Add Game - Prison Block

    Game Name: Prison Block

    Game Desription:
    If you thought the mafia only ruled the streets you were wrong,
    They also rule the cells, its your turn to show tem that your not a small fish in a big pond, are you ready to become the big fish?
    dive in, join or create a gang - you against the world.


    Publisher: Froday Interactive LLC

    Platform: Browser Based

    Genre: Prison.rpg,combat

    Status: Released

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    My husband and I used to play to this game. We told the owner at first that we were 2 players in the same family to prevent Dupe problems... We even put 60 real dollars into the game 3 days ago. A problem happened when we tried to trade a valuable item between us and we lost it... My husband previously asked the owner if we could do it and he said no problem... So, when my husband came back to him about this problem, the owner told him that it was not his fault and he would do nothing about it. My husband was angry and told him, because we took all precautions to prevent this kind of problems... The owner didn't appreciate to be criticized and banned him permanently, with no other reasons... He banned me a few hours after for being the dupe of my husband, even if we didn't use my account to make trouble...

    All of this 1 day after we spent 60 (censored) bucks on his game... So, be careful of this game, you could really be cheated in a bad way...

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