Hej Guys i figured i would write a review of this Game.

I Managed to get to lvl 30 after that i got banned for sharing my religion with other players.

The support of this game is horrible maybe it is because a german company runs it don't understand me rong i am not a racist but after asking for info about my ban mods locked my topics and deleted them then gave me a forum ban for Pming the person who locked my topic.

Over 50 people got banned this week for an exploit in the game Frogster or Failster told these people thej where innocent but still there acount got sweeped.
They lock Topics about the truth to hide it from public.

The Quests that require you to kill overpowered Elite's that you cant even defeat with 5 players in your party.
The garbage in instances where you get stuck in.
The Jewels in the cash store that are created to suck the money out of you wallet.
Experience Debt that forces you to use cash shop to clear it.

I did enjoy the gameplay of this game but the game Masters had to ruin it for me,i advice you not to spend any dime on this money sharking company!