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Thread: My Review of the ROM Support.

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    Default My Review of the ROM Support.

    Hej Guys i figured i would write a review of this Game.

    I Managed to get to lvl 30 after that i got banned for sharing my religion with other players.

    The support of this game is horrible maybe it is because a german company runs it don't understand me rong i am not a racist but after asking for info about my ban mods locked my topics and deleted them then gave me a forum ban for Pming the person who locked my topic.

    Over 50 people got banned this week for an exploit in the game Frogster or Failster told these people thej where innocent but still there acount got sweeped.
    They lock Topics about the truth to hide it from public.

    The Quests that require you to kill overpowered Elite's that you cant even defeat with 5 players in your party.
    The garbage in instances where you get stuck in.
    The Jewels in the cash store that are created to suck the money out of you wallet.
    Experience Debt that forces you to use cash shop to clear it.

    I did enjoy the gameplay of this game but the game Masters had to ruin it for me,i advice you not to spend any dime on this money sharking company!
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    I'm still playing RoM for the moment. most of Deathstalker guild has already fled to Aion. This game is on the way out.

    I guess that's what you get when you greed without support. Congrats Frogster America. You've officially destroyed a game that was fun and shortened your profit margins substantially recently.

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    Just as a new note. I got banned permanently today for world shouting "Frogster america will gladly take your money. Just do not ask a question or you will be banned for it."

    Eres of course had me perma. banned within 30 seconds of the comment.

    I called their office directly in San Francisco, 40 minutes from my place asking for the name and mailing address of the CEO to file a formal complaint and was told that was private information. Of course that is a lie since in order to do business within the United states as a corporation it must be filed with the SEC. Also there is this little bit of info...

    Frogster America names Lars Koschin as CEO

    I informed the person who would not identify themselves, that many of us are unhappy with how things are going and some are being banned that have spent over 10k us dollars already for simply asking a question. My response was that I was just biased and he plays the game and is happy. Of course, my response was and your not biased? you work for the company!

    Well, I then informed them that I would make a personal visit to their site with my lawyer to hand deliver a letter. To which I was told if I came down to their office at:

    548 Market St #22350
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Phone 415-963-4015

    The reply was then, "if you come down here we will have you arrested". /Click.

    I'm now in process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as having a lawyer drawn letter to the following individual as well as to Lars on Monday. If you have been searching for any of this info yourself. Here it is!

    Contact Frogster Interactive Pictures AG

    Axel Schmidt

    Senior PR Manager

    Hardenbergstr. 9A

    D-10623 Berlin


    Phone +49 (0) 30 - 28 47 01 -44

    Mobile +49 (0) 171 34 78 460

    Fax +49 (0) 30 - 28 47 01 -11


    Contact Frogster America Inc.

    International Digital Entertainment Agency

    Sadly comes the end to a fun game destroyed by individual who lack all ability to deal with cust****s.

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    RoM support is really professional addressing all issues efficiently and effectively. Their support answers all my questions really fast and helped with secondary pw and diamond transfer, etc!

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