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Thread: What is so great about this game?

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    Default What is so great about this game?

    Can anybody tell me why many people like this game? I haven't tried it, but im just wondering why many people like it.
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    I was the same as you but when i did play it, it was brilliant the friends you make and the adventures you go on and having a laugh, very engaging if you make a group of friends on there who arent a bunch of goons

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    The game being newb friendly is a big plus. When I first played RO it didn't take too long to get used to the game and environment. It has the usual classes/jobs and unique ones like Taekwon or Gunslinger. The community is usually friendly because people like partying with one another. It doesn't take long to level up if you solo or party.

    The overall gameplay is fun when you start getting used to it and I think the game just hooks a lot of people in.
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    Its beeter to play than hearing comments, its so addicting and fantastic that you are surely gonna game this diehard...

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