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    These ancient tomes, recently discovered, hold the secrets of being the greatest Dungeon Fighter who has ever lived.

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    Game Description
    Quote Originally Posted by Gamespot
    Dungeon Fighter Online is a side-scrolling action fighting game featuring role-playing elements, five unique character classes, and player versus player.


    Quote Originally Posted by Nexon
    Basic Controls

    The controls are easy to learn and fun to master. Check the Game Interface section of the Game Guide for a more extensive overview of the controls, but to start out, let’s dive into the basics. (And as we do, keep in mind that all control keys are customizable through the “Settings Menu.”)
    Control Key Command Note


    ↓, ↑, →, ←

    Yep, the arrow keys… clean and simple

    Dash Right


    Quick double click of the right arrow

    Dash Left


    Quick double click of the left arrow



    Basic attack that does not use up any MP

    Attack 2


    Special command attack



    Leap into the sky
    Hot Keys

    Now that you can move around the dungeons and kill a monster, why not tap into the true damage power you can deal. Your Skills are a critical part of your fighting style. And Items can aid you on your many quests. Each can be activated with two different sets of hot keys.

    Skill Hot Keys

    A, S, D, F, G, H

    Perform the skill assigned to them

    Item Hot Keys

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    Use the item assigned to them

    Quote Originally Posted by NexonForums(AshForReals)
    The Gunner

    Ranger - Slide & Fly

    The quick and stylish gunner, uses revolvers and a variety of close-range kicks to damage enemies. He specializes in critical damage with the self buff Death by Revolver which raises inflicted damage on critical hits by a large percentage when equipped with a revolver type weapon. The Revolver Fanning skill increases his attack speed and the rate of his revolver's bullets piercing through enemies to damage entire groups. Nansa is a self-centered AoE that shoots randomly in all directions around you, hitting surrounding enemies from 12-20 times. When you awaken into a Desperado you will gain access to Scud Genocide, a 3-part skill that many of you have seen before and doesn't need much explanation other than it shoots alot!

    Spitfire - Toss & Shoot

    The Spitfire uses both physical and magical attacks that cover large ground AoEs. They have several buffs that change the properties of your normal bullets. Silver Bullet adds holy/light damage, Ice Bullet adds ice damage and has a chance to freeze the enemy, and Explosive Bullet adds fire element and makes each bullet that is fired hit twice with a small explosion that splashes to other enemies. They also are spe******ts on grenades, with the Flash Grenade that inflicts the shock status on enemies, which inflicts an additional tick damage to any damage recieved by the enemy. The Spitfire also has the Freeze Grenade which...well, freezes enemies. This class is also a great asset when partied with other gunners, as they can give their elemental bullets to any other gunner type. When a Spitfire awakens to Viper they can call upon the Black Rose Squadron, a team of 4 female NPC soldiers who follows behind you for a set time period and provides an endless stream of cover fire with various weapons.

    Launcher - Grill & Blast

    This class is built for heavy long distance damage, with most of its skills reaching far past the distance viewable onscreen! The Launcher packs the strongest punch of all the gunner classes. Most weapons have a wide and straight AoE such as the Laser Rifle and boosted Flamethrower. This class is highly active-skill-centric, and as such is very MP intensive, but they recieve a passive skill in Heavy Weapon Mastery that lowers MP consumption on all heavy weapons. Deals great constant damage from afar and provides good ranged support for allies in the fray of battle. Launcher is the only gunner class with Heavy Armor Mastery so they get the benefit of the highest physical defense of all the gunners. When a Launcher advances to Wrecking Ball they can use the Satellite Beam, a huge cylindrical laser that rains down from above, hitting multiple times and chasing enemies on the screen, keeping them pinned down and open to additional fire from the Launcher.

    Mechanic - Run & Spam

    Mechanics are a magic-based class, they are very similar to Summoners in that they have very few options on direct damage, their offense is based entirely on robot summons and structures. They can build Rx7 Land Runners, which are small robots that follow enemies and explode with splash damage, or plant Ez8’s which are small time bombs. Either of these skills may be detonated at any time on command by using the Remote Explosion skill. Viper is a sentry gun that shoots a constant stream of bullets straight ahead, even angling itself upwards to hit airborne targets. Mecha Drop lets you rain down tens of landrunners from the sky, sweeping the screen with a wave of splash damage and dropping off special units which may stun the enemy or even heal you and your allies. Mechanics use Cloth Armor Mastery which although hinders their defense, boosts their MP regen and cast speed, and greatly increases their intelligence. Their awakening skill is the Gaebolg Punch, a skill that opens a portal which transports a gigantic screen-filling mecha arm to smash all onscreen enemies. (See: Jin's Blodia Punch from Marvel vs. Capcom 2)

    The Fighter

    Striker - Kick & Crush
    Striker is the most fundamental fighter class, using an array of buffs to maximize its damage on normal attacks and simple precise physical attacks. Strikers are the only class capable of equipping boxing gloves, the fastest type of fighter weapon that also has a passive chance to stun enemies. Strikers have many kicking skills including the Bone Crusher, a strong kick to the target's legs that deals heavy damage and lowers their movement speed. The One Inch Punch is a, naturally, very short ranged strike that deals massive damage and creates a shockwave of power that splashes to all nearby enemies. Lightning Dance turns you into a blur of light and sends you dashing across the screen, repeatedly kicking all enemies that stand in your way and rendering you invincible for the duration of the skill. Strikers who become Champions can use The World's Strongest Low Kick. The Champion stomps the ground and charges her leg back, creating a vortex that will suck in all onscreen enemies, and delivers a mighty kick that deals some of the highest single-hit damage in the game.

    Nen Master - Guard & Shock

    Nen Masters utilize light element magic to deal their damage, and also have a wide variety of support skills to aid their party. The Nen Bullet is a basic fireball that deals light damage to enemies, and with the aid of Charging Nen Bullet you can charge your fireball to get much larger in size and power, and even give it the ability to pierce through entire groups of enemies. Nen Guard is a large dome of energy that renders any allies inside invincible during its duration. Activated Breath is a buff that gives you or your allies a large increase to both attack speed and casting speed. The white tiger stance (not sure of this skill's english name) is an active self buff that will grant all of your normal attacks a glowing blue aura and turns them from physical to magical property, and even lengthen your strikes and give you an extra combo hit! As a magic-based class, they naturally have Cloth Armor Mastery. When you go the way of the Blazing Flower, you can plant the seeds of the Nen Flowers, a garden of 5 huge flowers made entirely of nen magic that will explode in columns of light and shatter all onscreen enemies.

    Grappler - Throw & Throw & Toss & Throw

    Grapplers use a large assortment of grabs and throws to deal heavy amounts of AoE splash damage to enemies. Ropling is a grab that picks up an enemy and allows you to throw them in a variety of directions at your discretion. Using this skill you can either toss them into the air for a combo starter or lob them at enemies, turning them into your own personal projectile. Spire sends you spinning with your arms outstretched; grabbing any and all enemies you may touch, you then leap high into the air while spinning rapidly and slam them to the ground. Suplex Cyclone is a series of 5 devestating suplexes on a single enemy that ends in a massive shockwave kick that sends the Grappler flipping into the air. Upon awakening as a Dervish, you gain access to Gigantic Typhoon, a grab that sends you and the enemy whirling at such high speeds you cause a huge tornado to form around you, which sucks up all enemies it comes in contact with and takes them along for the ride. The tornado deals tick damage as you spin, then ends as you you leap upwards with your victims and slam them down to the ground with great force.

    Brawler - Down & Dirty
    Brawlers use a variety of poison-based moves that inflict status effects on the enemies, and deal both physical and magical damage. Their main weapon is the Claw due to their passive Claw Mastery which adds an additional percentage of attack when one is equipped. Poison Enchant spreads poison on the user's weapon to inflict extra poisonous tick damage each time you perform a physical hit. Mount lets you climb onto a grounded enemy and punch them on the floor several times. Blockbuster is an attack that smashes a large brick over the enemies head, stunning them and sending shards of the broken brick in a spread AoE which will also stun nearby enemies. Brawler can also utilize a large Net to grab all onscreen enemies and drag the snared victims over to one cell in front of them, allowing the Brawler and party members to dispatch them efficiently. Brawlers get the benefit of extra defense from a Heavy Armor Mastery which also adds additional power and intelligence. Brawlers who get down & dirty enough to earn the name of Hellcat can spread Poison Gas on the floor, which deals heavy tick damage to all enemies caught in the fumes, and also renders the Hellcat invisible to enemies while within her own cloud. At any time, the Hellcat may activate the skill again to ignite the gas into a massive explosion that damages all onscreen enemies.

    The Slayer

    Blade Master - Speed & Slice

    A class focused on strong and quick physical attacks, can use any type of Slayer weapon effectively. Different weapon types will add attributes to certain skills, I'll try to overview a few as I go along. Backstep Cutting is a staple of the Blade Master, allowing him to perform a slash while in a backstep, a key to lengthening your combos and juggles. Wide Slash is a large circular cut that will deal heavy damage to enemies, using a Beamsword or Katana with this will add an additional hit that will inflict the shock or bleed status based on the respective weapon. Charge Crash is a super armored forward shoulder tackle that ends in and upwards slash of the sword that launches enemies, Large Sword and Club users have access to a third hit that brings the weapon slamming to the ground and causing a small shockwave. Valiant Dragon Rush is a super armored charge attack that sends you dashing across the screen 4 times at high speeds, slicing all enemies you charge through with your sword and finally ending with an upwards slash; using a Short Sword with this skill adds an additional charge, using a Beamsword makes this inflict the shock status. Blade Masters who become Grand Masters have access to Hurricane Speech, this skill scatters dozens of various blades and clubs floating in a large circular area around enemies, the Grand Master then leaps into the circle, grabbing each weapon and dashing to either side while slashing with each weapon in turn in rapid succession, finally performing a huge slash with his own weapon.

    Soul Bender - Haunt & Torment

    A primarily close-range dark element magic class who can not only deal heavy damage with his Ghost Slash and Moonlight Slash but also summon ghosts to provide ground AoE party buffs and enemy debuffs. Bremen is a defense debuffing ghost who lowers enemies magic defense and status resistance. Saya is an offensive spirit who deals ice damage over time and freezes enemies. Rhasa is a heavily debuffing ghost that inflicts a myriad of status ailments on the affected, from bleeding to blindness to loss of movement speed and more. Ghost Shadow Step is a self buff that lets you temporarily gain additional movement speed and also grants you invincibility while in the middle of a dash. When you have thisactive you gain the ability to use Ghost Step Slash, a quick dash across the screen which does an X-shaped slash on all enemies caught by it, inflicting massive magical damage. As typical of magic classes, Soul Benders have Cloth Armor Mastery. When you awaken as a Soul Reaper you an call upon The Seventh Ghost: Blache. Striking his sword into the ground, the Soul Reaper creates a ghostly marsh which envelops the floor, after some time, the ghostly whale Blache will leap from the bog, splashing onto any enemies in its path and even taking the Soul Reaper's ghosts with it to deal extra damage!

    Berserker - Bleed all over the place and stain your good clothes

    The berserker is a powerful Slayer who sacrifices his defense and HP in order to deal large amounts of damage. Also he sprays blood everywhere, gross. The Berserker has several blood based moves that serve various purposes, such as Bloodlust, a grab that deals heavy damage and causes an explosion of blood from the berserkers hand, and Raising Fury, a small self-centered AoE that makes a huge fountain of blood shoot up from the ground below, damaging enemies and launching them upwards. Berserkers can enter Frenzy, a self-buff with that gives them access to dual swords with huge range and additional damage on bloody skills. Frenzy, however, is a double-edged sword (no pun intended, but feel free to enjoy it) in that you constantly lose HP while this skill is active, but as you dispatch enemies who are bleeding, you may steal HP from them to heal your own. Berserkers who become Hell Bringers can use Extreme Overkill, which calls upon a spectral sword that will float by you and absorb any bloodshed from your battles. When the sword is charged, you slam it to the ground creating a fiery cylindrical explosion.

    Asura - Don't tease the blind guy

    The asura is a powerful ranged magic class who utilizes various elemental waves and AoEs. When performing certain attacks they can gain runes which passively buff their intelligence, raising their waves' power. The Ice Wave travels across the floor causing sharp icicles to jut from below, damaging enemies multiple times and freezing them. Grand Wave is a huge crescent-moon shaped wave that deals multiple hits of massive damage and knocks enemies backwards. The Fire Wave is a large wave of lava that splashes forward onto enemies and explodes in a fireball. Asuras later access a move that summons the power of their aforementioned runes to capture surrounding enemies and lift them up into the air, pummeling them repeatedly with the physical manifestations of the rune power. Despite being a magic based class, Asuras actually have Steel Plate Armor Mastery, the highest defense type in the game, however this slightly hinders their speed. Asuras who become Dark Knights can activate the Eye of the Wave, a transformation mode that activates your inner wave powers. Your normal skills during this transformation are changed to new ones, Fire Wave launches a volley of magical arrows, Ice Wave causes a multiple columns of light to juggle opponents, and your regular wave makes you flap large wings of energy. During this skill, your physical attacks deal magical damage.

    The Priest

    Crusader - Serve & Protect
    (I don't recall many of the Crusader's skill names, having never played one myself, but I can at least tell you a bit about what they do!)

    The crusader fills the role of full-fledged support in DFO. He has a myriad of buffs, heals and protective skills in addition to a few offensive skills. Slow Heal, Fast Heal and Heal Wind are skills which heal an ally's, or your own, HP. There is a limited amount of casts per each heal skill that you get per dungeon, so you must use them wisely. They can put up a barrier around themselves or allies, which makes the person inside immune to physical damage for the duration of the barrier, and unlike Nen Guard this barrier isn't stationary, it moves with you. There are a number of intelligence and power boosting skills at their disposal that can turn any class into a truly amazing force. Crusaders use Steel Plate Armor, giving them even more lasting power. Crusaders who join the Holy Order can use Apocalypse, a skill which creates a ball of light that buffs all allies for a period of time in a radius, then turns into a ball of darkness that shoots scorching beams in all directions, damaging any enemies nearby.

    Monk - Bob & Weave (& don't forget to punch)
    The Monk is a blazing fast physical attacker whose preferred weapon is his mighty fists. Monks use Will Driver to slam their weapon into the ground, giving them a ring of various buffs and, more importantly, giving them access to a wide range of boxing skills. Ducking and Swaying are the staples of Monk, you can dodge under attacks and perform the Ducking Upper: an aerial launcher, Ducking Straight: a powerful jab, and Ducking Bodyblow: a punch to the gut that has a chance to stun. You can activate Shadow Boxing, a buff that creates a shadow double of yourself that mirrors your every move, adding additional hits to all your attacks. Later you can obtain Double Shadow which adds one more shadow to your Shadow Boxing, doubling your doppelganger attacks! Monks awaken to the power of the Godhand and gain the Big Bang Punch, a series of 4 devestating punches that are controlled by the timing of the player's keypresses, a perfectly timed Big Bang Punch more than doubles the total damage.

    Exorcist - Hot & Cold

    A unique class, in that it can either specialize in physical skills or magical skills at their own discretion. On the physical side, there are a variety of brutish attacks that have high damage and huge range. Star In The Sky which tosses an enemy high into the air and smashes them across the room like a baseball home run. Repeated Smashing strikes the ground with overhead swings that deal small AoE damage with shockwaves and can stun enemies. Giant Swing sends you spinning wildly across the room with your weapon extended outwards in a huge circular radius of pain. On the magical side are a number of vastly different skills. Entering Nirvana tosses a talisman in front of you, shocking any enemies in its path, and slowing their movement and attack speed. Baekho plants ghosts one by one on the floor which bounce a ball of damaging spiritual energy back and forth, allowing you to set up your own path to best suit the situation. Lightning Strike Talisman places a large circular area on the floor which will cause bolts of lightning to strike from above and damage anything in its radius. Physical Exorcists may use Steel Armor for a power and HP boost, and Magic Exorcists may use Cloth Armor for intelligence and cast speed. Exorcists who awaken become Dragon Warriors and can summon mystical dragons of two colors, representing both sides of the exorcist. The Dragon Warrior forms a huge spear from the dragons and sends it slamming to the ground, causing a massive explosion.

    The Mage

    Elementalist - Nuke & Destroy

    Elementalists are a high damage area nuker that can specialize in any of the 4 elements. Elementalists have 3 tiers of spells for each element, and typically specialize in 2 of the 4 elements. For the sake of brevity I'll just discuss the 3rd tier element skills. Fire gets Lantern Buster which drops a giant jack-o-lantern meteor onto enemies for large damage. Light gets Lightning Calling which lets you manually target enemies and strike them with massive lightning bolts which inflict stun status. Dark element has Night Hallow, a large black hole which sucks enemies up and deals tick damage for a brief period before exploding. Finally is Arctic Fist, a large circular AoE in front of the Elementalist that deals multiple hits of ice element damage with large frozen spikes. Elementalists awaken into Archmages and gain the power of Astral Storm, a skill which calls upon all 4 elements to rain dozens upon dozens of huge magical rocks on enemies, and finally crush them with a damaging explosion.

    Summoner - Let's have a tea party!

    Summoners are relatively self explanatory, they summon all sorts of creatures to do the fighting for them, rather than attacking directly. The Summoner can call upon lower level elemental spirits which attack with their respective element, or use them to summon greater elemental spirits which are much larger in size and strength. There are also a number of non-elemental summons such as Hodor the bomb-throwing rock-tossing goblin, and Luis the sorceress who attacks with various magic of her own. The summons can be directed to some extent by “Catch Them!”, a skill which tosses a small capsule at a target, making the affected enemy the prime target for your summons to attack. Upon awakening as a Gaia you can summon the powerful warrior Casillas to fight alongside you, this swordsman summon deals massive amounts of damage with his sword strikes and upon expiring, bombards the area with a rain of swords.

    Battle Mage - Swing & Launch

    Battle Mages are the physical attackers of the mage family, using long-reaching and fast attacks with polearms and spears. The trademark of the Battle Mage is its chasers, magical balls of all 4 elements which assist in attacking. Upon hitting an enemy with a physical attack, you may launch a chaser to deal an additional magic hit with each successful blow. Chasers of different elements are bound to various skills, and you will gain a chaser after landing the respective skill. Landing elemental chasers will also give you various buffs, such as the light element chaser’s attack speed buff. They receive 2 powerful palm strike skills, the later of which turns the user into a massive fireball that streaks across the screen, decking enemies and sending them flying into the air. When a Battle Mage turns into a Bellatrix, she can temporarily transform into Teana, a fully matured Bellatrix who wields a large staff and her own type of massive chasers. This skill is similar to the Dark Knight’s awakening in that it lasts a set duration and replaces your attacks and skills with a brand new set of stronger exclusive ones.

    Witch - MAKE IT RAIN

    Witches are the jack-of-all-trades class, able to deal AoE magical damage with their science-based skills and hold their own in melee combat. Witches are the only class able to use the broom weapon type through their passive skill Broom Control. When using a broom, the Witch gains access to special jumps, air dashes and an aerial melee combo, making them the most mobile of all the mages. A majority of their skills are based entirely on chance, and they are tied to elemental types much like the Elementalist. There are 3 levels of success: failure, normal, and jackpot. Taking masteries of the desired element both raises your success rates on the applicable skills and lowers your failure rate. Success on skills varies from either doing more damage, to making some skills hit more, or even make some skills larger in size. Failing skills ranges from making skills do less damage, or even nothing at all! Witches who become Sorceresses can build the Fusion Craft, a massive machine that ensnares enemies caught within it and pummels them with a flurry of attacks belonging to all 4 elements.

    Quote Originally Posted by nexonforums(Sophister)
    (1)Remember where are the recover fairy may come out, usually they won't change the location....well, they may change at low level dungeon, , but higher level won't. those are the main recover your need, not the potions.

    (2)Don't use you potion when you just get hit...your potion is for saving your ***, not make your stay at perfect shape

    (3)hit every tree, box, bucket or whatever that may got something inside.
    Quote Originally Posted by nyugyuGuild(Synsane)

    nyugyuGet a mentor!
    You get bonus exp depending on the mentor level by leveling with your mentor.

    Be a mentor!
    You get bonus stress by mentoring a person.

    Help level up the guild!
    Bonus rewards like Coins, and extra stats from the guild leveling.

    Easy SS
    By dying and using a coin you get your hit at 0, and also gain 1 score up.

    Rank B - died - use coin -
    Now rank A.
    Rank C - Died with 37 hits - used coin -
    Now rank A

    Take your time!
    There is no rushing - no one will be a higher level then you if you take your time. There is a max about of stress for everyone. So take your time, group up monsters, stand and heal up MP. Do whatever ,time isn't ticking - take your time and get the best results.

    Slow and steady wins the race.


    DFO Prox Help Thread-
    DFO How to play with controller -
    DFO World wiki -
    DFO Wiki #2 -
    DFO Skill Planner -
    Screen Resolution Fix (By: mhungry)
    Quote Originally Posted by imhungry
    Just a tip for those of you that want a better screen resolution/notinhorrid640xwhateveritis:

    When DNF is in windowed mode, start up Task Manager and Maximize the DFO.exe in the Applications tab.
    It should maximize to your desktop resolution, just unscaled (mouse flies off if you move it pass the edge on the right).

    *Rep this chap:
    Fixed and Percentage damage
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Basically, fixed damage is only affected by character’s strength and intelligence. For
    an example, let’s assume that there are two characters that have
    exactly same strength, but use different weapons. Even if one of them
    use much stronger weapon, the skill damage would be exactly same if
    they use a same fixed damage skill of same level.

    Known fixed damage calculating equation is

    Fixed damage skill power* {1+(str or int/250) + (str or int/3)} = Actual Fixed damage

    (You don’t need to know this. I just want to show that it is only affected by str or int)

    On the other hand, percentage damage is affected by both strength and weapon’s damage.
    So you can basically make the skill stronger and stronger by upgrading
    your weapon. Lower level character with high upgraded weapon can damage
    much more than higher level character with non-upgraded weapon if they
    use percentage damage skills.

    Known percentage damage calculating equation is

    Weapon damage * {1+(str or int/250)} + additional damage( I will explain about it later) = physical damage on stat.
    (Physical damage on stat * percentage damage skill power) +(str or int/3) = actual percentage damage

    Rest of info:



    Quote Originally Posted by Doxa)
    Basic Skills

    *Note* Some of these skills may require other actions in order to be executed.

    Back Step: Active Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 5
    Mp Used: 1 Mp
    Skill execution: Down C
    Sp required for one Lv.: 30 Sp
    Description: Hops back slightly backwards to evade enemy attacks.

    Cancel – Back Step: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 10
    Mp Used: n/a
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 70 Sp
    Description: Cancels normal attacks to use Back Step.

    Cancel – Item Thrown: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 20
    Mp Used: n/a
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 50 Sp
    Description: Cancels normal attacks then immediately uses a thrown item.

    Leap: Active Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 10
    Mp Used: 30 Mp
    Skill execution: Up Space
    Sp required for one Lv.: 20 Sp
    Description: Increases your jump strength for a set duration.

    Ancient Memory: Active Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 15
    Mp Used: 15 Mp
    Skill execution: Space
    Sp required for one Lv.: 25 Sp
    Description: Increases your intelligence for a set duration.

    Throw Mastery: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 10
    Mp Used: 1 Mp
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 25 Sp
    Description: Increases your attack strength when throwing weapons.

    Indomitable Spirit: Active Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 15
    Mp Used: 8 Mp
    Skill execution: Down Space
    Sp required for one Lv.: 25 Sp
    Description: Cast a skill with a chance of ignoring attacks; cannot be dispelled for a set duration.

    Physical Critical Hit: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 20
    Mp Used: n/a
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 20 Sp
    Description: Increases your physical critical hit rate.

    Physical Back Attack: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 20
    Mp Used: n/a
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 20 Sp
    Description: Increase your physical critical hit rate when you attack the enemies back.

    Magical Critical Hit: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 20
    Mp Used: n/a
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 20 Sp
    Description: Increases your magical critical hit rate.

    Magical Back Attack: Passive Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 20
    Mp Used: n/a
    Skill execution: n/a
    Sp required for one Lv.: 20 Sp
    Description: Increase your magical critical hit rate when you attack the enemy's back.

    Quick Rebound: Active Skill
    Required Lv. to learn: Lv. 1
    Mp Used: 1 Mp
    Skill execution: C (Only works when knocked down)
    Sp required for one Lv.: 10 Sp
    Description: Enables your character to quickly rebound up to a sitting position after getting knocked down ignoring the enemy’s attacks,
    to seek an opportunity to counterattack.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Level 1-18 Guide
    -Priest Basic Skill, Dungeon, and PvP Guide-

    First of all: This is a simple guide about PvPing and Dungeon-ing(?) with a priest before job change.
    Now, priests are probably the worst class to PvP with, due to their incredibly slow speed.
    However, they do a fairly good job staging and are a good addition to parties for their buffs and heals.

    Skills available before job change:

    Backstep- Jumps a little bit backwards.
    SP: 30
    Command: (Down) + C

    Quick Rebound- Allows you to get back up off the ground quicker than usual.
    SP: 10
    Command: C (When downed)

    Slow heal- Slowly regenerates a set amount of HP for one of your party members or yourself.
    SP: 20
    Command: -> + Space

    Strike- Increase physical weapon attack strength and hit rate of one of your party members or yourself.
    SP: 25
    Command: -> -> Space*

    Cure- Cancels negative abnormal status changes for one of your party members or yourself.
    SP: 20
    Command: (Down) (Down) Space*

    Wisdom Blessing- Increases weapon magic strength, intelligence, spirit, and vitality of one of your party members or yourself.
    SP: 25
    Command: (Up) (Up) Space*

    Lucky Straight Punch- Delivers a few (~3-4) punches with the last one doing extra damage w/ high crit probability.
    SP: 25
    Command: -> + Z

    Smasher- Grabs an enemy and dashes and throws the enemy for high damage. Will also damage enemies in the way while dashing.
    SP: 20
    Command: -> then Z*

    Second Uppercut- Uppercut after a dash attack.
    SP: 25
    Command: X after dash attack.

    Giant Weapon Launcher- Launches enemies up into the air with your weapon, also damage enemies behind you.
    SP: 20
    Command: Z

    Phoenix Hammer- Jumps then thrusts weapon into ground to creat shockwave that hits nearby enemies.
    SP: 25
    Command: (Up) + (Down) + Z*

    Furious Grab- Summons a demon hand to hit monsters in front of you a few times (~2-3), can trap enemies sometimes.
    SP: 25
    Command: (Down) + -> + Z*

    Painful Rapture- Uses some HP for MP.
    SP: 20
    Command: (Down) + -> + C*

    * = Unsure of command because of CBT bug. Will update after it is fixed.


    Basics: What you want to do is buff anyone you want to, XXXXXXXX, slow heal, XXXXX until boss,
    then XXXXX backstep, buff, slow heal, XXXXX.... etc.etc.etc.
    Between the XXXXX you can use skills like weapon launcher/furious grab/etc.
    Use phoenix hammer when there's a huge mob, just to knock them down before they do some bad damage.
    When surrounded you can use phoenix hammer, or weapon launcher...bla bla bla... Just dodge hits and you'll do fine.

    Since I'm not much of a dungeon-er, I'll give you my recommendations for a skill build:
    Backstep - 1
    Slow heal - Max
    Strike - Max
    Wisdom Blessing - Preference
    Cure - 1
    Lucky Straight Punch - Preference <--- Mob control
    Smasher - Max <--- Main damage dealer to boss.
    Second Uppercut - Preference
    Giant Weapon Launcher - Preference, 1/5/Max
    Phoenix Hammer - Preference, 1 or Max
    Furious Grab - Max <--- Secondary damage dealer to boss + mobs.
    Painful Rapture - 1 if needed

    Weapon recommendation: Any, your preference. Basically one that does most damage, because
    you don't really need speed in dungeons, just use the one that does the most damage.
    *Can't really give you an accurate skill build because I have no skill simulator/calculator.
    And the kDnF one contains malicious programs...or so says Chrome.


    Basics: Don't try to approach any character head-on, you will get hit first, and then get comboed and KOed.
    Use giant weapon launcher as your primary super armor skill, and second uppercut as your secondary.
    Priest is incredibly slow, and hard to maneuver. Half the times you PvP, you'll get owned by speed.
    (I know it sounds pretty bad lol)...

    A basic skill build:
    Backstep - 1
    Quick rebound - 1
    Strike - 0 or Max
    Wisdom Blessing - Preference
    Lucky Straight Punch - Preference
    Smasher - Max
    Second Uppercut - 1 or Max
    Giant Weapon Launcher - 5 (W/ cancel) or Max
    Phoenix Hammer - 1 or 0
    Furious Grab - 1 or Max

    Weapon recommendation: Scythe for speed.
    * Can't give an accurate skill build bla bla...

    More PvP tips:
    Starting out the match, you'll want to use all your buffs, and prepare to use Giant Weapon Launcher if the opponent
    comes dangerously close. If you're fighting a gunner then never stay directly in front of them, try to get close and
    use GWL and start a combo as soon as you can. Slayers are a little easier, because you can use GWL when they try to get close,
    just be careful when staying in front of them because they have many skills with long linear range. (Don't have much experience
    against mages/fighters yet)
    You'll want to get the cancels for most of the skills you use most,
    like GWL and Smasher allowing for faster skill initiation.
    Basic combo- XXX Giant Weapon Launcher, Smasher,Furious Grab

    VainHero wrote:... due to priests slow speed,you really need to abuse your super armor moves.
    Phoenix is great when you bait slayers to get close due to its wide range,and being able to grab them.
    Also,back-step cancel is a godsend. Very helpful for maneuvering and setting up combos.

    Priest (Battle Crusader):
    Quote Originally Posted by nzrock View Post
    *If this guide helped you, +Rep him :Rep
    Battle Crusader
    Level 60
    Total SP = 3481 + 675 = 4156
    Used SP = 3905 (Including Optional & Mastered Skills)
    Remaining SP = 251 (*1)

    ~Crusader Tab~
    - Default Get
    - Leave on 1
    - Master
    - 1
    - 5
    - Master + Cancel
    - 4
    - 5
    - Master
    - 5
    - 1
    - Master
    - 5
    - 7 or Master [Saves 140SP]

    ~Infighter Tab~
    - Master
    - 1 or Master [Saves 225SP]
    - 1 or 3 [Saves 50SP]

    ~Exorcist Tab~
    - 7 or Master + Cancel [Saves 60SP]
    - Master

    ~Avenger Tab~
    - Master (Optional)[Saves 250SP]

    ~General Skills Tab~
    - Get + Cancel
    - Master
    - Get

    (*1)Note 1: I got up to 7 only.

    Priest (Buff/Heal Crusader)
    Quote Originally Posted by nzrock View Post
    *If this guide helped you, +Rep him :Rep
    Buffer/Healer Crusader
    Level 60
    Total SP = 3481 + 675 = 4156
    Used SP = 4150 (Including Optional & Mastered Skills)
    Remaining SP = 6

    ~Crusader Tab~
    - Default Get
    - Master
    - Master
    - 4
    - Master
    - Leave on 1 or 5 + Cancel [Saves 170SP]
    - 5
    - Master (*1)
    - 5
    - Master
    - 5
    - Master
    - 1
    - Master
    - 5
    - 1
    - Master
    - Master

    ~Infighter Tab~
    - 1 (Optional)[Saves 20SP]
    - 1 (Optional)[Saves 25SP]
    - 1 (Optional)[Saves 25SP]

    ~Exorcist Tab~
    - Leave on 1 or 5 + Cancel [Saves 130SP]

    ~Avenger Tab~
    - Master

    ~General Skills Tab~
    - Get + Cancel (Optional)[Saves 100SP]
    - Get

    (*1)Note 1: Can be Mastered if you don't get some of the Optional Skills.

    Quote Originally Posted by nzrock View Post
    *If this guide helped you, +Rep him :Rep
    Level 60
    Total SP = 3481 + 675 = 4156
    Used SP = 3835 (Including Optional & Mastered Skills)
    Remaining SP = 321 (*1)

    ~Crusader Tab~
    - Leave on 1
    - Master

    ~Infighter Tab~
    - Default Get
    - Default Get
    - 5 + Cancel
    - 5 (Cancel Optional to Get)[Saves 50SP]
    - 5
    - Leave on 1 or Master (Optional, depends on your Weapon Type)[Saves 180SP]
    - Leave on 1 or Master (Optional, depends on your Weapon Type)[Saves 180SP]
    - Leave on 1 or Master (Optional, depends on your Weapon Type)[Saves 180SP]
    - Leave on 1 or Master (Optional, depends on your Weapon Type)[Saves 180SP]
    - Leave on 1 or Master (Optional, depends on your Weapon Type)[Saves 180SP]
    - Get + Cancel
    - 5
    - Master
    - 5
    - Master
    - 10 or Master + Cancel [Saves 240SP]
    - Get + Cancel
    - Master
    - 1 or Master [Saves 270SP]
    - 1
    - 5
    - Get
    - Master

    ~Exorcist Tab~
    - Leave on 1

    ~Avenger Tab~

    ~General Skills Tab~
    - Get + Cancel (Optional)[Saves 100SP](*2)
    - Master
    - Get

    (*1)Note 1: I Mastered , and . I Also got with .
    (*2)Note 2: It's possible to survive with out getting this before you hit Level 30.

    Quote Originally Posted by nzrock View Post
    *If this guide helped you, +Rep him :Rep
    Physical Exorcist
    Level 60
    Total SP = 3481 + 675 = 4156
    Used SP = 3920 (Including Optional & Mastered Skills)
    Remaining SP = 236 (*1)

    ~Crusader Tab~
    - Leave on 1
    - Master

    ~Infighter Tab~
    - 1
    - 1 or Master (Both Optional)[Saves 20~200SP]
    - 1 (Optional)[Saves 25SP]

    ~Exorcist Tab~
    - Default Get
    - 5 or Higher + Cancel [Saves 100SP]
    - Master (Cancel Optional to Get)[Saves 50SP]
    - 5
    - Get
    - Master
    - 1 or 5 [Saves 120SP]
    - Master + Cancel
    - 5
    - 3
    - 5 or Master [Saves 140SP]
    - Master + Cancel
    - Master

    ~Avenger Tab~
    - 1 (Optional)[Saves 25SP](*2)

    ~General Skills Tab~
    - Get + Cancel
    - Master
    - Get

    (*1)Note 1: I got & on 5, Mastered and got .
    (*2)Note 2: This skill is only used by with the new free job change skill update, and is used for PvP juggle. But once you get to high lvl, you will get lots of new skills so you won't use this skill much anymore.

    edit edit: thought might be fun to say what I had on my hotkeys...and yes ALL skill on my hotkey is always locked for all the chars/classes I play/ed(which is pretty much everything >_>).

    A - backstep
    S - falling phoenix hammer
    D - giant tornado
    F - star in a sky
    G - repeated smashing
    H - gaint swinging smash
    and I do everything else via skill shortcut keys...
    this was before they made it you can change the hotkeys shortcuts and before adding a additional skill hotkey bar(like back in 2007).
    and If the korean server were still old exo skills, but with all the new season 2 updates I would put it like this...

    A - backstep
    S - falling phoenix hammer
    D - giant tornado
    F - star in a sky
    G - suppression talisman
    V - entering nirvana
    Q - repeated smashing
    W - gaint swinging smash
    E - shikigami of earth
    R - awakening skill - blue dragon smash(if no awakening, then shikigami of air instead)
    Shift - smasher
    Control - lucky straight
    and everything else via skill shortcut keys
    Priest (Magical Exorcist)
    Quote Originally Posted by nzrock
    *If this guide helped you, +Rep him :Rep
    Magical Exorcist
    Level 60
    Total SP = 3481 + 675 = 4156
    Used SP = 4150 (Including Optional & Mastered Skills)
    Remaining SP = 6

    ~Crusader Tab~
    - Leave on 1
    - Master

    ~Infighter Tab~
    - 1
    - 1

    ~Exorcist Tab~
    - Default Get
    - 5 + Cancel
    - Master
    - Master
    - Master
    - 5 + Cancel
    - 1
    - Master
    - Master
    - Master

    ~Avenger Tab~
    - Master

    ~General Skills Tab~
    - Get + Cancel (Optional)[Saves 100SP]
    - Master
    - Master
    - Master
    - Get

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Level 1-18 Guide
    Gore Cross [+5]:
    This is a Blood Based Attack that Creates a Blood Cross And Releases it in Front,Dealing 1-3 Hits Depending on how close you are to your opponent.This move is almost used by every slayer in pvp.

    Triple Slash [+5]:
    This is a attack that rush through you opponent and slashing them at the same time. this move can be used 3 times in a row.which makes it very useful is both pvp and dungeon

    Sword Wave [+1]:
    This is attack that creates a wave that makes opponent fall down.It can be learned at lvl.5 so it is needed to get to lvl.10

    Wave Slash [+5]:
    This Attack Slashes a opponent up the creating a wave that circles around it dealing damage to the opponent slashed up and foes around it.

    Thrust [+1]:
    This attack is a chain attack to -> -> x which can be performed by pressing x after -> -> x. it pushes opponent/opponent[s] back.

    Ashen Fork [+1]:
    This Attack is a Aerial attack which can be pressing x when your in the air,it has a chance to cause a miniquake that damages opponents near the area hited

    Mountain Beak Smash [+2]:
    This attack can be both a blood based and non blood based attack. if you are a berserker it is a blood based attack,and if you are not it is not a blood based attack.In this attack your character jump forward and slam his sword down on the ground and causing a bit of wave that hits opponents near it.

    Back Step [+1]:
    This is a Skill that lets you Jump Back and dodge your opponents attack and be in range for you to attack them.

    Cancel-Back Step [+1]:
    This is a passive Which Allow you to use back step during your attack.which makes it faster to dodge and attack.

    Quick Standing [+1]:
    This skill allows you to get up faster from a fall by pressing c

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Level 1-18 Guide
    Suplex [+5]:
    On This Attack you Grab your opponent then slam them really hard to the ground backward causing a miniquake hurting both the opponent grabbed and foes around the slammed opponent

    Hammer Kick [+4]:
    This Attack Kicks you opponent really Quick and hard that it shows a blue pattern around you foot,and pushes opponent back.

    Low Kick [+5]:
    This attack is used to kick your opponent when they are lying on the ground ,and this skill recharges fastest of all fighter attacks

    Dash After Dash [+1]:
    This is a chain to -> -> X , which can be use by pressing x after -> -> x doing good damage because it hits your opponents' pressure point.

    Aerial Stamp [+2] :
    This is a aerial attack which can be perform using jump z and can do a extra kick by pressing z after.which can follow by another kick by pressing x. so its a 3 kick combo.

    Sand Throw [+1] :
    This attack lets you character throw a pile of sand in front,which can do damage to your opponent but also can blind them

    Earth Break [+2] :
    This attack Lets you character jump and push the floor in front which does a lot of damage can be seen because it shows the ground crack

    Back Step [+1]:
    This skill allows you to jump back dodging your opponents' attack and be in range to attack them.

    Cancel-Back Step [+1]
    This is a passive which enables you to use back step during an attack which makes it faster to dodge your opponent

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Level 1-18 Guide
    Jack Spike-+4-kick ur foes up high.

    Windmill [+5]
    Spin around like a windmill hitting foes around u 1-2 time

    Mach Kick [+2]
    kick your foes back with a heavy force of power

    Silver Bullet[+1]
    Make ur bullet lightning based adding more damage and hits more foe

    Hand grenade [+1] Loads up bomb And then Use it again to throw them Loading Takes Mp while throwing Dont

    M-137 Gatling [+5]
    a move that uses a machine gun that hit foes in front of you

    M-3 Flamethrower [+2] a FlameThrower that Hit a Large Amount Of Area/Foe.

    Barbeque [+2]
    a combination of jackSpike and M-137 Gatling Which does most Damgage in all skill for regular gunner requires *lvl5 jackSpike* *lvl1 M-137 gatling*

    Rest of the Sp put it on whatever you like


    Format for IGN:
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    Forum name-IGN-Class

    If you do not follow the format your name will not be added to the list


    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    SR-71 - Vive - Priest
    SR-71 - Viva - slayer
    SR-71 - Muertes - gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by matiask
    matiask - maatdk - gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by BetaGods123
    BetaGods123 - King - Gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by Malfion
    Malfion - Jared - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Meowy
    Meowy - Verde - fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by Elion
    Elion - Elion - Spitfire
    Elion - Yora - Fighter
    Elion - Kyeta - Mage
    Quote Originally Posted by Paladuck
    Paladuck - Paladuck - Exorcist
    Quote Originally Posted by Spice224
    spice224 - OneTwoKO - fighter
    spice224 - BoxOfSoup - mage
    Quote Originally Posted by MarchoftheBlackLions
    MarchoftheBlackLions - Dirge - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by couponfork
    couponfork - Aviance - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by BadpcGuy
    BadpcGuy - Barren - Gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by pychoness
    Psyconezz - Orchidz - Brawler
    Quote Originally Posted by voldrake
    Voldrake- Voldrake - Slayer
    Voldrake- Arzeph - Gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiriso
    Quote Originally Posted by MoonStoneX
    MoonStoneX - MoonStoneX - Slayer
    MoonStoneX - SaintHammer - Monk
    MoonStoneX - WhatsMagic - Mage
    Quote Originally Posted by Zendaine
    Zendaine - Wakka - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Tetsmega
    Tetsmega - Tetsmega - Slayer/Ghost Knight
    Quote Originally Posted by zaberisk2
    zaberisk2 - Ririsu - Fighter / Grappura
    Quote Originally Posted by Kreva
    Kreva - HappyMinty - mage
    Quote Originally Posted by Substance
    Substance - Substance - slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Elegance
    Elegance - Vorechan - fighter
    Elegance - Mille - grappler
    Elegance - messy - mage
    Elegance - Mootie - fighter
    Elegance - MunchMunch - Priest
    Elegance - Mixie - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Torian
    Torian - Creampuff - priest
    Torian - Azurle - gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by Candyholic
    Candyholic - Glay - Slayer
    Candyholic - China - Mage
    Candyholic - Ellen - Fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by ErickDamon
    ErickDamon - Kasha - Brawler
    ErickDamon - Domon - Slayer
    ErickDamon - Geist - Mechanic
    ErickDamon - Alecia - Mage
    ErickDamon - Kendal - Priest
    ErickDamon - Adara - Fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by lumyn
    lumyn - Heimdall - priest
    lumyn - Rikki - fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by Cell59
    Cell59- Cellz - Fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by MerkaMerka
    MerkaMerka - Lillius - Mage
    MerkaMerka - Mellisa -Fighter
    MerkaMerka - Kasura - ?
    MerkaMerka - LoliSho - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by SorenEmblem
    SorenEmblem - Zacewing - Gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by FireRage
    FireRage - FireRages - Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by ShadePopping
    ShadePopping - HoldPopping - ?
    ShadePopping - RobotPopping - ?
    ShadePopping - FistPopping - ?
    Sparks Kincade:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sparks Kincade
    Sparks Kincade - Sparks - Fighter
    Sparks Kincade - Zane - Gunner
    Sparks Kincade - Kincade - Monk
    Quote Originally Posted by Danuve
    Danuve - Rudy - Exorcist
    Danuve - Kiyoko - Summoner
    Danuve - Tisiphone - Striker
    Quote Originally Posted by Fortify
    Fortify - Fortify - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by FLCL
    FLCL - Shisnopi - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by sidimazz
    Sidimazz - sidimazz - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by KillHannah
    KillHannah - Lestats - priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nazawath
    Nazawath - Nacirema - priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Useless
    Useless - Maestro - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario87
    Mario87 - Neclord - ?
    Mario87 - Ulquiorra - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by LakeOfTears
    LakeOfTears - LakeOfTears - gunner
    LakeOfTears - Laik - fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by LaoKidBC
    LaoKidBC - tcglao - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarokun
    Tarokun - Shifts - nen master
    Quote Originally Posted by KazuX
    Quote Originally Posted by Leafninja
    Leafninja - Halibel - Mage
    Leafninja - Halibelle - Mage
    Quote Originally Posted by Corrision
    Corrision - Pandas - Slayer
    Corrision - BabyPanda - Mage
    Corrision - CuddlePanda - Priest
    Corrision - SexyBBQ - gunner
    Corrision - SkillzMckill - gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by xDmonster
    xDmonster - Shiru - Gunner
    xDmonster - Davis - slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Cereldi
    Cereldi - Cereldii - mage
    Peter Griffin:
    Quote Originally Posted by PeterGriffin
    Peter Griffin - Xeron - Physical Exorcist
    Peter Griffin - Scholar - Witch
    Quote Originally Posted by Greed
    Greed - Wuxia - Fighter
    Greed - Shao - slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Phiend
    Phiend - SpeakNoEvil - Berserker
    Phiend - HearNoEvil - striker
    Phiend - TouchNoEvil - launcher
    Quote Originally Posted by Faith
    Faith - UberNoober - ?
    Faith - Cyborg - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Meroline
    Meroline - Merolia - fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by HardKore
    Hardkore - HardKore - priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Amplo
    Amplo - Amplo - Gunner
    Amplo - Alisper - Mage
    Quote Originally Posted by MechaUsio
    MechaUsio - DoraTora - slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Azura
    Azura - Kiron - Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mac2492
    Mac2492 - Mystil - Mage
    Mac2492 - Lilyss - Fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by fearflam
    Fearflam - Fearflam - Gunner
    Fearflam - ShadowFlam - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by KeroXIII
    KeroXIII - KeroXIII - mechanic
    KeroXIII - CriticaLimit- Berserker
    KeroXIII - Cr1ticaLimiT- Asura
    Quote Originally Posted by Rarien
    Rarien - Rarien - Slayer[Berserker]
    Funky Tanuki:
    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Tanuki
    Funky Tanuki - MiHwa - Fighter
    Funky Tanuki - Cephas - Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by soulalchemie
    soulalchemie - Pretzel - slayer
    soulalchemie - Pretzels - Gunner
    soulalchemie - Pretzelstick - Fighter
    soulalchemie - Astre - Mage
    soulalchemi - Repth - Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Seeric
    Seeric - Seeric - Mechanic
    Seeric - Asheric - Spitfire
    Quote Originally Posted by Nazawrath
    Nazawrath - Nacirema - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyy
    Jimmyy - Deploring - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Valcry
    Valcry - Valent - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Onissan
    Onissan - Kanam - Gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by Haku351
    Haku351 - ponza - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by MrTingTing
    MrTingTing - MrsTing - Grappler
    MrTingTing - MrExo - monk
    MrTingTing - HellBlack - ?
    MrTingTing - HopeUgotPots - Crusader
    Quote Originally Posted by minajkl
    minajkl - diabllo - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by jhonli
    jhonli - Flow - exorcist
    Quote Originally Posted by markca
    markca - Inosukami - Summoner
    markca - YummyYogurts - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cingal
    Cingal - Cingal - gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by rhdonald
    rhdonald - Lifestealer - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Lefos
    Lefos - Lefos - Asura
    Lefos - Porphion - Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by WerewolfX
    WerewolfX - Eleris - Gunner
    WerewolfX - Jereth - priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cripstar
    Cripstar - Expansion - Gunner
    Cripstar - Polymnia - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by EzraBass
    EzraBass - xGunnerx - Ranger
    Quote Originally Posted by Garbanian
    Garbanian - Exorcist - PopeJohnPaul
    Quote Originally Posted by mewmew7
    mewmew7 - Gettysburg - monk
    mewmew7 - Anetha - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Poobly
    Poobly - Gimpfu - ?
    Poobly - Kreed - ?
    Poobly - Sakirah - ?
    Poobly - Lodrak - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Krivick
    Krivik - Zeppelin - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Claudezero
    Claudezero - arizona - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by FallenAngelix
    FallenAngelix - AutumnRayne - Brawler
    Quote Originally Posted by VenusServer
    VenusServer - Kunji - Fighter
    VenusServer - Hoover - fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by MrAlchmist
    MrAlchmist - xRagtime - Mage
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow1094
    Shadow1094 - Volaris - Ranger
    Shadow1094 - Scipio - Priest
    Shadow1094 - Gracchus - monk
    Quote Originally Posted by Teddyoso
    Teddyoso - Tsneachta - exorcist
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurka
    Jurka - no0ne - gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by Valroth
    Valroth - Valroth - ?
    Valroth - Valrothb - blademaster
    Quote Originally Posted by lonefire
    lonefire - arntson - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Zender
    Zender - Lynn - Witch
    Quote Originally Posted by calibas
    calibas - Calibas - asura
    Quote Originally Posted by Kanaju
    Kanaju - xReizan - Gunner
    Quote Originally Posted by Nogardreyals
    Nogardreyals - DualAvenger - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by KellionBane
    KellionBane - KellionBane - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Shovel
    Shovel - Shovel - Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by SQEX
    SQEX - SoulHacker - Slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryauneru
    Ryauneru - Raioneru - Slayer
    Ryauneru - RagnaVorra - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyy
    Jimmyy - Amulius - Summoner
    Quote Originally Posted by longman
    longman - LongFTW - slayer
    Quote Originally Posted by SketchyMidnight
    SketchyMidnight - Sketchy - ranger
    Quote Originally Posted by sbwhity
    sbwhity - CallOfJuarez - gunner
    sbwhity - TouCh - battlemage
    sbwhity - Fizz - priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Upbeat
    Upbeat - Isoldir - spitfire
    Quote Originally Posted by Rinsu
    Rinsu - bloodred - ?
    Quote Originally Posted by FallenAngelix
    FallenAngelix - AutumnClaire - Nen Master
    Quote Originally Posted by Phiend
    Phiend - TombStones - Monk
    Phiend - RojoMuerto - berzerker
    Phiend - AzulMuerto - Fighter
    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit
    Spirit - Pixi - Mage
    Quote Originally Posted by SgtGrimmVegas
    SgtGrimmVegas - Dominic - gunner
    SgtGrimmVegas - BulletBones(lol) - gunner
    SgtGrimmVegas - LukaHallow - grappler
    SgtGrimmVegas - LazarusZero - Slayer


    How many Fatigue Points do i start with?
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    When do Fatigue Points recharge?
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    6AM PST
    How do I get BackStep cancel?
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    Save 100 SP:
    Spend 30 On Backstep
    Spend 70 On Backstep Cancel (lvl 10)
    What are the "// Commands"?
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    /p [Message]:Party chat
    /w [Character Name][Message]: Whisper
    /r [Message]: Reply to the most recent whisper
    /re or /repeat: Resend the most recent message
    /j, /enter, /join, /invite [Character Name]: Invite to your Party, or join a Party
    /out or /leave: Leave a Party
    /v, /arena [Character Name], /invarena [Character Name]: Invite to arena
    /tr, /trade [Character Name]: Trade with another character
    /target [Character Name]: Open another character's Sub Menu window
    /info [Character Name]: Check another character's information
    /ignore,/block [character Name]: Add the character to your blocked list.

    How many buddies can I have on my buddylist?
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    Max: 32
    Also there's a catch, adding someone doesn't mean they'll automatically be asked to add you. So, you'll have to actually add each other (Right click on the name,etc)
    How many revive tokens do I get each day?
    Quote Originally Posted by SR-71
    You get 3 each day. (Day: When Fatigue resets)

    DFO/ARAD character simulator
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Thought I'd post this up here for those non DnF and Arad Senki players to have a look at the possible character customization options DFO could offer. This is a great little tool, well constructed.

    You can translate the page via Google Translator but it's really not too nessecary. The list on the first page goes as follows:

    Ghost Knight
    Gunner (Male)
    Gunner (Female)

    Enjoy, feel free to show your creations and dream characters here.
    Last edited by SR-71; 03-21-2010 at 06:03 PM.
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