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    Default Silkroad Picture Thread

    Well.. Figured i'd make a picture thread dedicated to Silkroad Online pictures and that only.

    My first contribution..

    Image info: Well, I was grinding ofcourse and this Giant respawned right ontop of me.
    I tagged the image: Run Forest, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

    Ofcourse I can't take that giant down without my overpowered berserk mode.

    So everyone, get on posting your ingame pictures, show everyone who plays or do not play what you are doing, funny pictures, pictures with friends, PvE & PvP pictures... anything that has with the Ingame world of Silkroad to do.

    Looking forward to see some picture posting going on.

    2 ways to take ingame pictures.


    Step 1: You have probably done this step, but.. asign hotkeys you remember to take a picture ingame.
    Step 2: click on the picture you want to post here, so it displays in a window to you.
    Step 3: Right click and copy link adress ( since it wont be displayed otherwise )
    Step 4: Reply here and say what the picture is about, the moment and feeling of it.
    Step 5: And either click the " add image " button, or post the link and put [img] infront of the link and put [/img] on the end of the link. ( Then your image will be displayed if link is not corrupted somehow )


    Step 1: Click prt screen button while you are ingame.
    Step 2: Go to your desktop and find the program paint.
    Step 3: If you succesfully clicked the Prt Screen button, you should be able to click ctrl-v.
    (step 3 note: If it dosnt work just clicking ctrl-v in the paint window, you might have to click that square box thingy and just make a little field or big, w/e you want realy, do not click away from it, and then try click ctrl-v) If it does not work, then you failed doing it correctly. but it should work so, no worrys. (note 2: It is the icon at the top of the option bar where you choose what tools you want to paint and so etc with)
    Step 4: Save the image, upload to any image side, like photobucket, copy the IMG code.
    Step 5: Come back here and post it.

    ( I suggest xfire over the Prt Screen button, for the reason that it is easier and faster, because you can take pictures without having to go on the desktop all the time to copy paste and so on all the time )
    (But for those who don't use xfire or are not planning to get it, the Prt Screen button should work just fine )

    That was all, now.. happy screenshot posting everyone
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