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Thread: guild wars trial?

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    Default guild wars trial?

    hey i was wondering what's included in the guild wars 14 - day trial thingy

    can you get to max level and see what the PvP and end game and all that is like

    or is it just a gimpy piece of crap like the WoW trial?

    i'd really like to try out this game,

    maybe someone has an account they don't play anymore or something? Perhaps hook me up ?? lol it always helps to dream
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    Check this thread, there's someone there named chainedfate who's offered to lend his/her account.

    I don't personally know the person, I just happened to read your post and the post there and thought maybe I'd link you to each other.

    iirc, the GW trial key is only 10 hours or 14 days, whichever comes first. So no, you can't play PVE and then go to PVP in that short manner of time. You can rush Factions and be done with the PVE storyline in less than 10 hours.

    You can create a max-level PVP character right at the outset though, so you can use that 10-hour trial to see how the PVP scene is. Mind you though, as the account is "new" you won't have full access to the better/more useful skills, as you'll have to unlock them.

    But it is worth a shot to try out

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