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Thread: The Cleft of Dimensions -- best MUD around

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    Default The Cleft of Dimensions -- best MUD around

    Game Name: The Cleft of Dimensions

    Game Description: The Cleft of Dimensions is probably the best MUD that currently exists.

    We are the best because the staff spends all their time trying to
    figure out how to make playing the game as fun as possible. We have
    diverse and challenging quests, and we have tons of them. Our
    character classes are actually different from each other. Combat is
    interesting and balanced. The game world is an amalgamy of areas
    from all sorts of video games plus original areas.

    We're the only game in the world where you, an alien, and some
    oysters can team up to fight superpowered pokemon.

    This is a fairly large alpha-channel PNG; it can be reduced or changed to another format if needed.

    Publisher: MTSowbug

    Platforms: Any!

    Genre: Browser/MUD

    Status: Released but frequently updated

    Forum Link:

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