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Thread: Need a little help

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    Default Need a little help

    Well, I've read some of the manga heard about the game a while ago, but one problem. Our only pc got thrown out by my over controlling mac *** parents *SIGH*
    so anyway i got crossover 8 and saw on the compatibility part of their website that it should run completely fine, no problems. I installed it and the ragnarok folder appeared in my crossover folder, great, it has a file called "Sakray", one called "Ragnarok Online" and "Setup". I tried opening each, but the only one that works is setup, anyone got any idea? I'm really keen to play it

    ah i see i needed to install the valkyrie thing.. i got into the ragnarok folder but i still ant get anything to open, please reply.

    Ah maybe my problem is that the servers are down?

    No worries, got it all up and running perfectly on the valkyrie server
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