* Maximum level limit has been increased from 120 to 130.
* In order to become level 121, you must first complete an upgrade quest.
- Mercenaries can level up past 120 if the main character is level 121 or above.
* You can receive the upgrade quest from NPC Boorchu near the 'Mysterious Saloon'.
- After completing the quest, you will receive the [Holy Warrior’s Soul Stone]. This item is required to upgrade your main character.
* When you upgrade your main character to level 121, you will have the option of changing your main character’s appearance one time.
* Your mercenaries can also be upgraded.
- You can upgrade your mercenaries when they reach level 120.
- Mercenaries’ upgrades require your main character to have completed the level 120 upgrade first.
- Northern Viking and Dark Archer upgrades have been added.
- When upgrading an Archer or Viking to Dark Archer or Northern Viking, you will no longer need to use the Upgrade function. You now must right-click the upgrade item (Immortal Spirit Stone, Legendary Viking’s Spirit Stone) in the appropriate mercenary’s inventory.
* When a main character or mercenary has completed the level 120 upgrade, their magic skills’ maximum level becomes 70.
- [IV] Skill books are required to increase a magic skills' level from 60-70.

New Mercenary: Minstrel

* Minstrel Recruitment quest has been added.
* The Minstrel can learn the following magic skills
- [Salvation] – Removes allies’ magical effects and heals them.
- [Hallucination] – Deals damage to a single target and makes them unable to use magic.
- [Seal Power Saw] – Prevents Power Saw characters from using magic skills.
- In Free League, the Minstrel is the only mercenary who can counter the Power Saw.
- Minstrel’s magic skill books can be obtained from boxes given by Goncourt.
- Minstrel’s magic skill books can also be obtained from various monsters in North America.
* You can receive the Minstrel Recruitment quest from NPC Nina Paganini near Dallas Lawless District.
- You must be at least level 100 to begin the quest.

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