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Thread: Three Kingdoms, Red War and Nostale: Global Item Give-Away via Facebook

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    Default Three Kingdoms, Red War and Nostale: Global Item Give-Away via Facebook

    OnRPG is working with Uforia to give away exciting surprise in-game items for Three Kingdoms, Red War and Nostale: Global.

    To reward our most dedicated OnRPG readers and fans we are giving you the chance to get these items via the OnRPG Facebook page!

    All you have to do is become a Facebook fan of OnRPG and the game you want the in-game item for. Then you post a screenshot of the game in question on their Facebook page. Don't forget to post your login-name (but NOT your password!) with the screenshot! Our friends at Uforia will then reward you with the in-game item asap!

    To get your phat lewt you have to follow these instructions:
    • If you are not yet a fan of Onrpg on Facebook yet you should click the "Become a Fan" button on the top of this page.
    • Do the same to become a Facebook Fan of one or more of the game(s) of your choice:
    • Take a screenshot in-game and post it on the Facebook page of the game of your choice, do not forget to add your username(login) of the game in question (But NOT your password!)
    • Our good friends at Uforia will make sure you get the In-Game items added to your account, Enjoy!

    Join the Facebook Item Give-Away now!
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    Hi everyone!!

    For those of you who wanted to participate in this event and be eligible for great prizes, the proper link has now been added:

    Check out the Onrpg Facebook Page and make sure to take a look at the event page on Onrpg!!

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