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Thread: The Super Guild War Returns

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    Default The Super Guild War Returns

    The 4th Super Guild War is coming back this October. Again, you will be able to stand side-by-side with your guild-mates to confront the challenge from opponent guilds in a series of epic battles. During this historic event, the TQ team will also host a PvP Video Contest in which you can record and upload clips related to PvP gameplay in Conquer to win bounteous rewards. Alternatively, you can submit articles about the Super Guild War in the Tips & Stories section to win precious Shells!


    Duration: Oct. 17 to Nov. 15

    The Super Guild War consists of five guild wars, one each week for five weeks. Each time a guild wins a Guild War, the guild leader will gain a Lord Token. The leader will be awarded a variety of special prizes such as bronze prize, silver prize as well as gold prize and CPs depending on how many Lord Tokens he receives!

    More about the war and the rules, please check here.

    Events for the SGW:
    1. PvP Video Contest. The best Pkers will be generously awarded. Click here to learn more.

    2. 2-day Double EXP Event for this. It shall be a great opportunity for players to enhance their Characters. Click here to learn more.
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