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    Default Classic Conquer

    This is going to be teh sh*t

    The changes made for Classic CO are as follows:
    1. No DB Mall
    2. No Battle Power
    3. No DB leveling
    4. DBs cannot be used to open the 1st socket on non weapon items, or 2nd socket for weapons.
    5. No Talisman
    6. Toxic Fog is removed from the Ninja skills
    7. Gems drop rate from monsters increased
    8. PKing is allowed in Twin City
    9. Equipment Bonus quests will be removed.
    Other than this list, the features and functions in the current CO will be available in the upcoming release.

    Server wise, we are planning on 2 servers initially, and there will be 1 hosted in both America and Europe.

    As for the release date, the tentative release date (as of 10/27) is November 19th. This could change if something goes wrong, but that is where we're aiming at this time.

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    Time to dust off my old mouse...I've been jus laptop playing everything.

    It won't be CO classic though without the db mall and will just simply be 10X BETTER... Rich kids getting owned again by us poor folk!!!

    Time to finally make a friggin Trojan..

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    I think I'm either going archer or trojan.

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    TAOIST OR ARCHER BABY ...I haven't played this game in forever.... SCREW YOU C2.0 -.-!

    Great review for S.U.N (Soul Ultimate Nation) from Ijji made by me !
    XFire : ienvyi
    Review from a WoW Player for Aion !

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