Game Engine: BYOND (Build Your Own Dream Network): Dream Maker

Description: A massive multiplayer online client/game maker for free of charge. Many games have been made through this and are published on the Byond Hub to play at any time. It supports Windows graphically only. You can host it on MAC or Linux however. It does not support 3D but supports 2D and has a built in map engine to assist you in creating your game. A new feature is coming out for making isometric creating easier, if you're interested in designing in it. You may choose to charge (though not common) to play for your game through memberships and such if you wish, or create it free to play. No royalty fees or any kind. The game you make is YOURS.


Publisher: Byond

Platforms: Windows (fully supported), MAC & Linux (only can host)

Genre: 2D massive multiplayer online games: platformers, RPGs, adventure, etc.

Status: Released.

Forum Link: BYOND

I did not design this, I am giving attention to it. However, if you have any questions I will be glad to answer any I can. Or you can contact the owner(s) of the site.