This is a Morpg builder. sorry if this is advertising I'm just showing it off and its available to download at well any way
Rpgbuilder2d has been in development for a while now and now have been released as the first build

Rpgbuilder2d version 1.1 features:
Logout Confirmation
Trade swap confirmation
Sever menu
.Dat files
Scripting .rb2 files
Main Directory
3 frame movement
Adjust ModGameLogic & DirectX code to re-fit the picScreen
Revamp UI's
Logout to main menu
Map editor on own Frm
Scripted spells,npc,items,tiles ect
Server Ui revamp
Swearfilter.ini (Rip from eclipse)
Text fit in screen
Visual Inventory
All Internal editors
And more!.

Forum support(24 hours 7 days a week):
The community is a fun place to post things and also is a idle place to ask for help.

Help Desk(24 hours 5 days a week):

The help desk is where the pros of the engine help you out , replies may take a full 24 hoursF
Help Desk

Live Support(4 Hours a day 5 days a week):

Live support is where selected members who know there way around the engine can help you.
Instant Support

Please join the community


This is a video a member made:
(dont know how to embed here )

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