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Thread: New item "Sash" in Thanhsgiving Shopping Rush

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    Default New item "Sash" in Thanhsgiving Shopping Rush

    Check this

    The Thanksgiving Shopping Rush will start again from 17:00, Nov 23rd to 17:00, Dec 2nd. This time, you will be able to purchase some essential supplements for your adventures from a large selection of epic items!

    A dozen of powerful professional packages will be provided to players, all with spectacular savings! Besides, some rare and unique items will make their debut during this sale. The magic Sash (bound) will be sold in 3 sizes, and can be used to expand your inventory and prevent items inside from dropping out when you are defeated. 2 kinds of new garments will also be in store, the classic Divine Robe and the exotic Sand Raider.

    Sash seems useful, now you can carry DB during PKing

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    Lulz , another way to get people bulking.

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