Hi all,
I would like to recommend a Free MMORPG caled Voyage Century Online.
I started the game about 3 years ago and it is just GREAT .
I'm a big fan of Pirates and ships and the open sea. The game is a composition of Land Battles and Sea Battles. There are skills and professions for sea battles and for land battle. When you play on land the game is like any other mmorpg ... monsters, quests gold (in this chase silver ), instances, dungeons and PVP. But then when you start to sail of to the open sea that is when it starts to be unique and interesting. The best thing is that they compiled the two aspect of the game in such a great way that the player is able to decide what he will do and when will he do it. Example : if you like the land battle more then sea battle you can chose a profession that grants you that bonuses and if you don't want to do open sea gaming well you don't have to. The game will newer, except the tutorial , MAKE YOU do some aspects of the game you don't like. Many players play the game just for the action or for the trading or robbing ships and selling their goods ... and they are never forced to do anything else. SO if you like how it sounds give it a try and it is 100% free. There is an Item Mall for those who like to spend money on games I'm not one of them , but the Item mall items can be bought in game from other playes so i newer felt like i needed IM.
You can sign up and download the game here : http://buzz.igg.com/vc/3368046

P.S. : for those ppl out there who liked : Pirates(AMIGA) High Sea Traders(AMIGA) , pirates of the caribbean (PC), Age of Pirates (PC),Port Royale (PC) IS A MUST TRY GAME !