Hi there ive been playing cabal online for awhile now and it seem there is alot they can improve on so here is a list of things that they should fix but never will i fear >.<
1. the drop rate on the game is horrable did 100 eod runs back to back one week wearing all luck items and didnt get anything worth my time

2. they dont sell Seh , Uchighest, in cash shop it like cabal doesnt want their player to get strong enough to go have a good time in the 125+ dungeions.

3. u never have a decent ammout of alz in the game because ur spending it on uch and uchiest with a very very low chance of sucess spend 36m alz or more to get a peice of equip to +6 and fail it at +7 and poof its+0 and ur broke again and have to farm for another week just to fail again and again and again
thus u never get any better equip and ur broke all of the time the cabals endless alz sucking hole..

4. there is a way to make decent alz but... ull love this one u have to fight high lv bosses that drop them witch is all fine i can solo some myself but the spawn time of 1 boss every 4 hours and the countless ammount of channel hoppers hunting them ull most likely never fight one and if u do ur also fighting 7-8 different ppl for the kill ...... cmon og planet really have u ever made a game b4 .... never met a game company as selfish as thisone.

5. and last but not least est softs failed attempt to make a game is that if u havent wasted enough time farming items that will never drop or hunting bosses that are never there, or fail enough upgrades to make you vomit ..then youll enjoy the countless glitches and game crashes this game has to offer .....

so yea the game would be a great game if they didnt have these issues
so on my Game rate score from one to ten this game gets a huge 2 if it didnt have these issues it would easly get a 8 or 9 maby even a 10

Thank you for reading have a great day =^.^=