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Thread: What affects CD burning speed?

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    Default What affects CD burning speed?

    Like i remeber on my old XP pc when I first got it it use to burn CDs amazeingly fast, ofcourse over tiem for some reason it started to go downhill then took FOREVER to burn 1 CD.

    now my brandnew laptop was burning a CD, and for it to be as nice as it is it was going alot slower then i expected it to, would useing the windows Media burner be a problem?? like ive never seen the point in some 3rd party burner.

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    Most of these are indirectly:
    1. HDD filled up
    2. high temps
    3. CPU power is being pushed
    4. burning program
    5. of course, the burner itself
    If you have any questions why I listed these, feel free to ask.
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