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    Cool Shonen Jump MMORPG

    Get ready for the next generation of MMORPG. Shonen Jump MMORPG is a mmorpg where you can play as your own character from your favourite anime series from Shonen Jump. Play as a Konaha ninja and rise to the ranks of Hokage or join the Sound Ninja and destroy Konoha. Or play as a pirate and join the rare and strong Straw Hat Pirates or set your own fleet and kill Monkey D. Luffy. You can even go to other Shonen Jump Worlds!There are millions of possibilites!
    Whatever fate you chose, you are set into worlds of adventure and war!

    Right now I need a team of people that can make this suceed. Reply to me or the forum if you are interested. You will be given loads of stuff for the game and if the game suceeds and I earn money, I will pay you. You will all become staff and ,as I said before, get loads of benefits to use in the game. Send a message to me at So what are you waiting for? The earlier the better job you get and the more benefits you get. So why are you staring at this screen. Go give me a MESSAGE!!
    Especially looking for a Japanese who could maybe get a license if I need one
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